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The Jaycees in my area are throwing a Y2k discussion. Since I'm the "computer guru" of the group, it looks like they are drafting yours truly to be the speaker.

If you can shoot me some of what you feel are your best links, references, articles, stories, etc., it would be most appreciated.

Also, I have 90 minutes, so I can't cover everything thoroughly in that amount of time. Any suggestions as to what areas to focus on would also be helpful.

I have about a month to prep for this, so any help is appreciated, Thanks!

-- Tim (, March 28, 1999



Feel free to download the Powerpoint presentation from my web site at and use whatever portion seems applicable.

You'll also find a bunch of links and points in the "links and resources" of my web site.

Good luck with your presentation. I have no idea what "Jaycees" do or think about, but my hunch is that they're probably a lot more interested about the possible impact of Y2K on your own community than they are about the possibility of Y2K problems in Russia or other parts of the world. And I would guess that they haven't thought much about the potential economic impact -- e.g., many of them will be thinking, "What's the big deal? I've just got one PC in my shop, so who cares if it has a problem..."


-- Ed Yourdon (, March 28, 1999.

Check with Steve Hartsman (I thinki got it right) for his powerpoint presentation. You should need NO MORE than that!!


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 28, 1999.

And here is where to check::

Please e-mail me if you would like the most recent version of my .ppt file. If you need version 3.0 or 4.0, please specify that. A Word document of the presentation is also available. Please specify word or '.doc'.

-- Steve Hartsman (, December 11, 1998


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 28, 1999.

You hit it right on the head of the nail, Ed. In essence, the Jaycees is a group of local businesspeople that get together to network, raise money for charity, and sponsor community events.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and granting permission to use your material :-)

-- Tim (, March 28, 1999.

This page has LOTSA links! sch/y2k.html
Hope this helps.

-- Jenny (, March 28, 1999.

Tim, My site has many many links too. Many different topics covered here. I try to update it at least twice a week.


-- Bobbi (, March 28, 1999.

Check out this thread ...

What are the most compelling reports? 000YKR

And don't forget the Kevin collection. (He should be along any time now and provide the links ...)


-- Diane J. Squire (, March 28, 1999.

Tim, here a couple: rms/ka/mks/yr2000/y2khome.htm

-- Faze the Nation (, March 28, 1999.


The Senate Y2K report:

"Y2K may spark unrest, economic pain - US Senate"

"Senate Study: Y2K Risks Are Widespread"

American cities:

Chicago: '99 A Game Of Catch-Up

Denver: "City to tackle Y2K when time comes"

"Y2K Could Bring D.C. To a Halt, Report Says"

Y2K and other nations:

"Experts warn of Y2K trade upheaval"

"U.S. warns of millennium bug problems for overseas travelers"

"Y2K vs. the World"

The Federal Government and Y2K:

The September 30, 1998 deadline

"Medicare Not Ready for Y2K"

"USPS can't promise mail delivery won't encounter Y2K bugs"

The Economy:

"The Y2K ripple effect"

Dr. Edward Yardeni: "Year 2000 Recession?"

Government Y2K contingency planning:

"National Guard is gearing up for year 2000"


"Region's Y2K plan: Call out guard"

Community contingency planning:

"Getting Ready for Y2K"

Embedded systems:

"Problems lurk in more than just computers"

Reuters news service: "Chemical Plants Face Y2K Threat"

Y2K media coverage:

The Senate Y2K report: three days preparation or...?

"Impressions Management 101"

"Feds Plan Y2K Spin Control"

A video of a speech by Senator Bob Bennett to the National Press Club...July 1998:

Bennett speech followed by question and answer session with the press

RealPlayer software required.

-- Kevin (, March 28, 1999.

Thanks for the input, folks :-)

-- Tim (, March 29, 1999.

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