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I am thinking about buying a Brom Kadette wooden tripod for my Calumet 4X5 wood field camera. Does anyone have any experience with this tripod? Please respond.

-- Louis Hirsch (, March 28, 1999


I think you could get away with it, but bigger would be better. I've had a Kadette for several years and still use it with a Bogen 3047 for 35mm - lrg. medium format. I use a big Ries for anything larger - it can't be beat. The Ries is in a class by itself. I really don't like the whole center post thing with the, I never use it ;-). A wasted feature.


-- anthony ragle (, July 10, 2000.

I second the motion in favor of Ries tripods. I've got an 8x10 Cambo sitting on the junior model as I write this. No problem.

I like the Ries heads, as well, but my camera tends to unscrew, so I might combine a Bogen head with a Ries tripod.

Best of luck.

-- Charlie Strack (, July 10, 2000.

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