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Hi all,

I'm interested in becoming a freelance photographer but don't really know how to go about it. I started photography 2 years ago as a hobby and some people (whom has seen my shots), tells me I should do should freelance work or at least sell the photos I took.

I'm not and has never been with a club or in a any photo contests and don't have much contact with other photographers.

Equipment wise, I have a Nikon F4s with a 4 lens ranging from a 24-120mm up to Sigma 170-500mm + a 2X TC201, a Canon AE-1 program with 3 lens ranging from 28mm to 200mm + a Tamron 2X and A Canon EOS 888 for my casual family photographs. Also some other stuffs like tripods, unipod, light meter, flashes etc.

Please advise on how I can freelance or earn from doing photography. What are the steps should I take?

Would appreciate any advice.


-- Fadzli Al Edrus (, March 27, 1999


I can't really advise you on how to be a good photographers, but once you decide to sell aways some of your beautiful works, come to

Create your own portfolio(free) there and market your works to the world.

ciao andrew.

-- Andrew Meyer (, August 03, 2000.

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