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I've been trying to get into Whitehouse site for several hours but it is jammed with traffic. All I need is that SOB's e-mail address. Does anyone have it? Thanks in advance.

-- No No (, March 27, 1999


I would be VERY carefull what I e-mailed to the white house. You might end up in Fort Marcy park!

-- SCOTTY (, March 27, 1999.

I have it, but I will not give it to you. I may be saving you jail time if your attitude shows in an e-mail to him.

-- Cherri (, March 27, 1999.

Let's not try to be too ridiculously paranoid here. And even if Clinton does put you on his enemies list - the more, the better.

-- Ned (, March 27, 1999.

Scotty, Cherri, I'm just sending him a nastygram with nothing threatening. I firmly believe that Clinton driving this country straight into the ground. Waco, Y2K, Monica, and now this unconstitutional war. I have a 21 year old son. Now there is talk of reviving the draft. Can you imagine that draft-dodging SOB calling up the sons of this nation to fight in his idiotic war? God help us all! With Clinton in the White House we're going to need help.

-- No No (, March 27, 1999.

NoNo ; The email you are going to send will be read by his staff and interns manning the computers outside the White House. Bill will never get the message, and think of this first. Remember He is against CyberTerriorism and what you might say
-- Furie (, March 27, 1999.

Go for it No No, if enough people jam the White House server with protest, who knows. Just sitting there and wrigging your hands sure won't accomplish anything.

-- Got-It (%$^&^@^&%$.!!!), March 27, 1999.

Oh, and I thought you wanted his real e-mail address, not the public one. Silly me. Worried about the draft and war? Can you say VietNam? It was good for the economy and congress ran it. I know, I was in the military during the VietNam war myself. They don't want to hurt anyone in this thing so far, but back then they did not care how many americans died. They may want to drag this one out to keep the economy going. Or they could do what they could have done in VN..send in the Buffs and end it in days. Forget Clinton, this is a distraction from congress so you will forget the Monica fiasco. Congress will be making the decisions, Clinton wouldn't know how to run a war if it were dripping down his leg.

-- Cherri (, March 28, 1999.

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