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This is a "word of mouth", but I found it interesting. I was talking to a friend of mine in Atlanta a few nights ago. He is a salesman for BellSouth. He said that they had pulled in all their salesman for his district and put them in a 3-week training program because the co. was working on their y2k fixes and the in-house computers were down right now. This guy doesn't care at all about y2k. He has worked for this co. for about 15 years and said this was the first time they had EVER called the salesmen off the road for ANY REASON! Basically, he's kicking around for the next three weeks (if they are fixed by then). Maybe after he thinks it over he will decide to buy some tuna.

My point in posting this is the fact that there are LOTS of y2k glitches going on right now that we will never know about. It's only when they become noticable that people will start to get concerned.

-- linda (, March 27, 1999


Here's one that happened Friday. My husband was in an appliance store to order a part for something, but couldn't because the computers were down. He asked how come? And they said a man had bought about $1,900. worth of new appliances on a payment plan, and the payment period went into 2000. When they got the print out the interest was $16,000.+. When they tried to change it, everything crashed.

-- gilda jessie (, March 27, 1999.

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