What can I do with #2/k1 mix in my tank no power??

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When power grid fails, and I,m getting cold. What if anything can I do with my 250 gal. 50/50 mix of #2oil/K1?

-- know (knock on@wood.com), March 27, 1999


Mix can be used in a Kerosun. It smokes and probably will tear heck out of your sinuses but it wll keep you warm. Make sure you have adequate ventilation.

-- Lobo (Hiding@woods.com), March 27, 1999.

Fire up your Petromax lantern and/or stove....(they burn anything)

-- (got.mine@get.yours), March 27, 1999.

Frankly, I'm stumpted. Why would anyone create such a strange mixture in the first place? What do you *normally* use it for?

-- Bert (bertsy@glide.com), March 27, 1999.

This is one reason we got a generator. Give up a few degrees, and 250 gal. can go a long way. It's a good investment for us, with or without Y2K. We get hit by every other thunder and snow storm, sometimes for an hour or 2, sometimes much longer. Funny how the sump fills up when it's coming down in buckets, and there's no power to pump it out! <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), March 27, 1999.

Bert. If you live where it gets cold ie -30/-40f. Mix won't freeze or jell in tank or lines.

-- know (knock on@wood.com), March 27, 1999.

If you have local farmers, if Y2k is a bad one, you can bribe them with fuel (tractors should burn home heating fuel).

As long as he has seed and fertilizer, you might be able to work a deal; some fuel for some food. :)

-- Bill (billclo@hotmail.com), March 28, 1999.

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