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Recieved my Mastercharge bill today with an insert from Citibank.

At Citibank, we started(Y2K) over two years ago analyzing and reprogramming our computer systems to address the problem. We completed the reprogramming and a significant part of the testing in 1998. We now have the remainder of 1999 for more testing so we can be sure that we have done everything to make our systems able to manage the year 2000 date change successfully.

No one can predict with absolute certainy the outcome of any event. However, due to our program early recognition of the issues and commitment, you can be confident that our thorough preparation will enable our computer systems to continue to meet your financial needs. Since Y2K is a worldwide problem that we're all facing for the first time, and there are some comcerns whether all organizations will also be Y2K ready, we're developing alternative backup plans just to be sure

Any spelling errors are mine.

Cold and wet in Seattle.

-- Martin Thompson (, March 26, 1999

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