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Hello, I am a student in my final year at EHSAL, Brussels, where I study commercial sciences.

I am currenly working on a paper about the way wealth is distributed in Iran. Concerning this paper I am looking for information about how the zakat is levied, at what rate, and how it is used in Iran.

You could help me very much by sending me this information or by sending me some usefull adresses concerning my paper.

Thank you in advance

Erik De Preter

-- David Vleminckx (, March 26, 1999


i want to help u about ur study

-- ali (, September 05, 2002.



assalamu alaykum,

My father name is siddiqur rahman . his former name is rajkumar. before 35 years he turned India to Bangladesh. After coming here. he took Islam inspite of Hindu by the advice of Islamic minded people. they insured him that they would look after him even they promised to help him by giving money and property . but they broke there promised by not giving him any help . to day we are not sufficient enough financially .

I am Md. Monirul Islam . I am a Bangladeshi student. I have got admission in after passing this year. we are three brother and tree sister and I am eldest brother. Among them the eldest one has got married. We are five including two younger brothers and one sister are studding accept the eldest sister. My two younger brothers are studding in Dhaka I am studding in local collage in masters label. My father is short ernd man. But father curious enough in education. He is carrying our expenditure by lending money from people. The amount of the lending is so much that then taking money from people is going to be about impossible. Thus now we are facing struggle about our educational life . we have not seen any way in this country . here student is being jobless after finishing study too. Once it is seen that he has suicided. So I am not wanting the untime death of my like my brother and sister life as well as others. So I would like to solves my family members from the curve property. So I am writing this to you with warm heartedly. You are developed countryes citizen you can understand my sorrow you can help me enough. My quite faith is that in a opportunity less country you can hold a young’s helpless future. Offcors you can help me. If you help me I can release my family from the curves. Otherwise I have to die untimely like other people in this country. So my appeal is that you will rescue me from this curve you will not face any harm if you support me . please give me zakat . I believe that I will find away in developed country like hope less boy . so please help me and kind me and save me I will be grateful please save me give away . you are that grate man I have found out the real beauty in you . please sir kind me . yes you can and offcors you can. I can save my family by your help . you many help in this world. So please lessened my pray minutely. Finally am finishing writing at the thought of you long life.

thank you

Md. Monirul Islam

My postal address

Md. Monirul Islam

collage road

pirgachha 5450

rangpur 5400


my bank acount


S.B A/C 13137




-- md. monirul islam (, November 21, 2003.

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