135 Hexanon Lens Repair

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Can anyone help me? I was given a Hexanon 135 telephoto lens. The focusing ring was loose and wouldn't move the barrel. I unscrewed the barrel from the base and tightened the locking screws on the inside of the focusing ring. Felt proud of myself. Now I can't put them back together. When I do it, the barrel is out too far. Any suggestions on the proper procedure? The lens works and I know it's my fault I can't reassemble it. HELP.


-- Anonymous, March 26, 1999


Please see my other posting regarding problems I had with my own attempts at lubricating my 135/3.2 (basically overextended the lens to expose as much of the helicoid as possible and the lens came apart. Never could get it properly reassembled). However, if you are careful, I think you can fix your problem relatively easy. Just be careful not to overextend the lens by focusing too close. What you want to do is focus on a known distance (for instance you might use another lens and focus on an object then read off the distance). Put the 135 on the camera with the grip removed. Adjust the 135mm to focus on the same distance with the focus grip removed (please remember not to choose a near distance because your helicoid may come apart like mine did)! Then, taking care not to disturb the lens, carefully slide the focus ring/grip back on the lens. Turn the focus ring until the appropriate distance matches up with the focus mark. Tighten the three little set screws and reassemble the rest of the lens. Good luck!


-- Anonymous, May 15, 1999

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