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Wachovia Slipping? Author: KJ Ayau

Date: 1999/03/25

Forum: comp.software.year-2000

Last year Wachovia's printed material promised a Dec 31, 1998 completion date for everything -- consumer and business systems, from assessment through testing and implementation. In February, the rather simple web page statement admitted slipping from the Dec 31, 1998 date, but promised 3/31/99 as the completion of everything, IIRC. Now, March 25, 1999, their Y2K statements are lengthy and a little confusing and not a little disappointing.


Wachovia expects that its Y2K spending for the 1996-2000 time frame will total $80 million. Between 1996 and year-end 1998, Wachovia had spent $67 million of this total. An additional $10 million has been budgeted for 1999 efforts. The percentage of budget already spent offers a good indication of Wachovia's steady progress toward completion of Y2K goals.


Wachovia has remediated more than 38 million lines of code, including 12 million lines of in-house developed code.

Internal Testing

While we are only required to test mission critical systems, Wachovia has opted to test ALL of its applications. Before applications are returned to production, they are subjected to rigorous 20th and 21st century testing.

Wachovia has tested all aspects of its operating and networking systems.

To date, Wachovia has completed testing on 89 percent of all applicationsincluding vendor-supplied products. Internal testing of all applications is scheduled to be complete by the end of first quarter 1999.

Customer Testing

Wachovia has developed a strategic customer test plan, identified representative profile customers for each applicable product, designed an implementation schedule and completed its planning process. It began profile testing in mid-January 1999 and is scheduled to complete testing by June 1999. For information on specific products, see the Business Products Readiness Schedule or Consumer Products Readiness Schedule.

Vendors/Business Partners

Wachovia has received compliant releases for 96 percent of its vendor inventory with the remaining scheduled for delivery no later than March 1999. Wachovia is testing ALL vendor applicationseven those certified by vendors to be Y2K readybefore releasing them to production. It has tested all such applications delivered prior to the fourth quarter 1998 and will finish testing later arrivals by March 1999.

Wachovia has developed a business partner testing plan, inventoried all business partners, designed an implementation schedule, and completed prototype testing. Wachovia is working with its business partners to complete remaining tests by June 1999.

Lines of Business/Microcomputers

Lines of business already have budgeted to test and/or replace all specialized applications and equipment.

As a separate initiative, all microcomputer hardware and software is being replaced throughout the entire corporation. The changeover is expected to be complete by June 1999.

Facilities/Contingency Plans

Each line of business completed contingency plans for all identified Y2K-related risks in January 1999.

Contingency plans are being developed for each building and will be completed by end of first quarter 1999.

Event Management

Event management describes Wachovia's management of the century date transition on a corporate-wide basis over a critical five-month timeline. A team within the project has developed methodology and plans to move the corporation smoothly into the year 2000. This plan encompasses all lines of business, nationally and internationally, where Wachovia conducts business. A command center, with supporting business process command sites, will provide central oversight and reporting structure during the event

The event management timeline consists of three segments:

September 1, 1999 - December 30, 1999  Preparation & Validation Simulations December 31, 1999 - January 10, 2000 - Command Center Monitoring January 11, 2000 - July 15, 2000 - Business Process Monitoring

-- a (a@a.a), March 25, 1999

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