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I have been competing in senior women's bodybuilding for 2 years and wish to increase my bicep size and obtain "caps" on my shoulders. What are the BEST exercises for these muscles. Thanks.

-- Diana (, March 24, 1999


Though I have some success with developing my Chest,but it seems particularly difficult to develop my shoulder and my biceps.

-- Mr Stephen W Tsui (, April 02, 1999.

My biceps respond very well, and I've found seated,alternate dumbell curls to be the absolute best mass builder. I do appx. 6 sets of alternate dumbell curls on bicep day, 8-10 reps per set. Once warmed up, I use 45 pound dumbells for all six sets. I finish off biceps w/ 3-4 sets of another excercise, sometimes machine curls, sometimes EZ bar curls, etc. Intensity and heavy weights have helped me build 17 inch biceps, with loads of definition.I am 6"1', 185#, 32"waist. Hope this helps.

-- Joe Michal (, July 01, 1999.

My name is Arbre from Asia, I'm sorry if my english is very bad and I hope you can understand me. I ussually doing side lateral 10 repetitions in 5 sets that for the warm up. Shoulder press 10 repetitions with 20kg, 8 repetitions with 25kg for second set and 6 repetitions with 30kg for third set. Up right rows 10 repetitions in 5 sets and heavy dumbel shrugs 20 repetitions in 2 sets. I'm doing this training programs everyday for two months. And now my shoulder is very wide.

-- Arbre (, September 26, 2000.

The arm muscles are a relative small group of muscles and recover faster. You might want to increase the frequency of your arm workout, it worked for me!

-- Ryan (, February 18, 2001.

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