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have you noticed the sea change that has happened in the technical press, no longer are there piecharts/stats on y2k readiness, eg what % of companies have completed, haven't started, will complete by Sept, how many are 50% there etc, instead of hard evidence we have most pundits now making generally optimistic statements, govt spokesmen saying their agencies WILL be ready (is that a command or a prediction), blame is being directed at those who are deemed to be "scaremongers", on the whole y2k is being played down, the opinion being instilled is that it is a "foreign problem, the UK will be OK" It is therefore becoming "their opinion vs yours" and of course the "official opinion" must be "more noteworthy" the argument is just degenerating into a slanging match lets have more surveys (or are these being suppressed)

-- dick of the dale (, March 24, 1999


DICk OF ThE dALe IN A hEArTy gALE!!!!! YoU KNow dIETER fROM bEFoRE THe IDIoT HumAN FELL aslEEp aND WAS absoRBED By hiS PoD, DO YoU NoT????? YES!!!!! TRuLy!!!!!!

bEAntWOrTen Sie micH biTTe!!!!

WHeRe HAst THoU BEeN???????

whERe aRt tHOUsT's POeMS??????

whY HASt tHoU FOrsAkEN LIMeRICkS??????

wHAt iS up IN LIMeYLAnD??????

Do yOu kEEp trACk oF WHo IS WhO In youRDoNIA THesE DAyS?????

SPeaK NoW!!!!!

-- Dieter (, March 24, 1999.

Yes, there is a blight without Richard's limericks & Hardliner's poetry. The Asylum is dry, the Brotherhood quiet, the Circus stalled, the Cat runaway, But! we still have Rob & Tricia hi-cueing, and Hallyx is back with majestic prose and quotes. And of course Dieter ... Yes, much as we try not to, we enjoy the laughs with Dieter, who has been making some good point lately ;-)

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, March 24, 1999.

OK point taken, will be donning my limerick hat sooner or later don't worry, any thoughts on subjects, don't worry they will of course be in impeccable taste

-- dick of the dale (, March 26, 1999.

maybe DiETer

-- dick of the dale (, March 26, 1999.

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