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Following are the Denton Y2K meeting minutes for Feb.....and link...

The Y2K Challenge Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 23, 1999 at 8:00am in the Civil Defense Room. excerpts from the M I N U T E S Information Services Had our first Y2K weekend on February 13-14. ..... Have a test plan, which is subject to begin testing the first or the second week of March. ..... Texas Utilities reports that gas and electric will be okay. TU claims to be 80% through their remediation of the non-compliant components. There are some components that will not be compliant but will not affect service delivery. .... The City of Carollton legal council indicated that if equipment is suspected of being non-compliant and it's not usedthe City cannot be held liable for the equipment's non-compliance. If there's a piece of equipment on one of the emergency vehicles suspected of being non-compliant and we choose not to use itare we liable? ..... Fox Files, a weekly television broadcast, would like to come to the City of Denton and have a discussion with different departments and groups about how we're responding to Y2K. .... Bexter County's new crime lab equipment from Hewlett Packard was found to be non-compliant, endangering the chain of custody tracking. .... On August 22, the GEO positioning satellites roll over to zeroall GPS devices will roll over to "00". Lovett did a Y2K test back in December, and are publishing the results nowfound that all City functions were Y2K compliant, but all emergency services were compromised because of interoperability dependence on external systems. The FAA has 157 mission critical systems46 are compliant as of December 1998. .... Review dates of the Y2K brochure and update information as needed. .... It was decided that we would request the City issued cellular phones be brought back for availability during the last week of December and returned to the individuals during the second week of January. Internal Audit Money is out there for grants and should be considered funds that can be usedget the money before their Y2K problems prevent you. FAA reported in poor condition. Will be doing a review basically looking at departments that interact with the communityelectric communication, water/wastewater, streets, utility billing, police and fire department. ..... Need documentation for Y2K compliance and non-compliance. From a legal standpoint, due process or due diligence to mediate. By answering what, why, critical, manufacturer, model, and test to prove diligence. Write up what you have done, including the looking at the whole picture and how you went through the process. Inventory. Assessment. Correction process. Contingency Plan. An overall emergency plan for the City. Audit program passed out to areas mentionedstarted with Electric. Hope to be completed by the end of March. Police Received a Y2K letter from PAC systems. The dictaphone that records our radio channels was upgraded. Met with all supervisors to inventory anything that may have been overlooked. After completionwill work on contingency plan. Would like to show the Lubbock video to supervisors. Engineering & Transportation Have identified 2 stoplights as non-compliant; are planing to replace shortly. Fleet Services 55% of the vehicle manufacturers have responded with compliance letters. The Fire Department/Police Department vehicles are Y2K compliantnot responsible for any equipment installed. Electric Utilities Motorola wants $6000 to audit the radio system. Collin County has had discrepancies with radios by Motorola working with computers. Rolled all clocks on central electronic banks. The telephone inner-connect not compliant. Purchasing Adding Y2K compliance information with all bids. Preparing warehouse for any special needs for the Y2000generators, batteries, etc. . . Let Purchasing know what else is needed. Facilities Management Would like to show the Lubbock video to the staff. Testing all security systemscan't legally put on a generator. Will try to get a letter saying it would be okay to use a generator for that one day if needed. City Manager's Office ... Tracking citizen calls. Solid Waste Ran testing software and a real time clock error appearedthe software did not correct. Water Utilities The lab is not automated. Major test of the water production system will be done on Monday. All the mission critical devices looked to be compliant. ----------------

-- Shelia (, March 24, 1999


Geez! that format flunked... sorry folks...just use the link

-- Shelia (, March 24, 1999.

Lovett did a Y2K test back in December, and are publishing the results nowfound that all City functions were Y2K compliant, but all emergency services were compromised because of interoperability dependence on external systems.

-got PSAP?


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 24, 1999.

Valuable info, Shelia, thanks. Have forwarded to our mayor. (Durham 911 has Motorola 800 system, supposed to be compliant but I wonder?)

-- Old Git (, March 24, 1999.

Denton to sell electricity stations due to unability to compete in deregulated market

By Bryon Okada Star-Telegram Staff Writer

DENTON -- Officials for Denton Municipal Electric, which has provided electricity for residents since 1905, intend to sell off its large electric generation assets, saying they won't be able to compete in the market as a result of expected state deregulation of the industry.

Instead of generating its own electricity, the city will seek to buy electricity on the open market, which officials anticipate to be more cost- effective. Denton Municipal Electric will continue to provide distribution services and officials say the utility's 30,000 residential customers won't notice a difference in services.

"Just within the generation game, it's going to be more big players and we just don't see ourselves being able to compete," Denton Utilities Services Administrator Glenn Fisher said.

Several electricity industry- related bills are being bandied about in Austin, including some that would restructure the industry statewide.

For example, in Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Sen. David Sibley, R-Waco, chairman of the Special Senate Electric Restructuring Committee, electricity providers would be allowed to compete for Texas customers, although the utilities would maintain monopoly control over transmission lines.

The result could be five or six large conglomerates left with all the other players either merging or selling their generation assets as Denton Municipal Electric intends, Public Utilities Commission officials said.

"Every company is going to make their own choice, but I think many will come to the conclusion that a competitive market will provide lower costs and many will decide to get out of the generation business, said Jeff Totten, policy development director for the PUC.

"There's probably a feeling that big utility companies can do a better job than Denton can do," Totten said.

More than 1,000 potential buyers were contacted about the future sale, including Corinth-based CoServ, formerly Denton County Electric Co-op, which serves the majority of Denton County and parts of four other counties. CoServ has made inroads in Denton, but owning the 176-megawatt Spencer Station in Denton would solidify its hold.

Denton Municipal Electric is the city's utility branch and is included as part of the city budget, Fisher said. Money from the sale would go into the city treasury. City officials declined say how much the city would receive from the sale.

Denton Municipal Electric currently serves about 45 percent of the city's 73,000 residents and will continue to distribute electricity -- it's just a matter of whose.

"We'll be going out and looking at who we're going to buy bulk power from," Fisher said. "It may be through the existing facilities through a change of ownership or it may be another firm."


For sale: Spencer Station in Denton, 176-megawatt natural gas- fueled station.

Gibbons Creek Station near Bryanollege Station, a 21.3 percent interest in 462- megawatt station.

Two hydroelectric plants near Denton, total output of about 3 megawatts.

-- b (, March 25, 1999.

The Gibbons Creek station went down months ago when a valve allowed water into a steam turbine.... we've been buying the extra power from TU since then.

Thanks for posting that article from Star Tele...didn't know they had made up their minds about the sale. Last I heard, they were hiring two firms to do a study on it.

-- Shelia (, March 25, 1999.

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