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I am used to manual flash - get the distance and then look up correct paerture for the particular film. I just bought a cheap auto flash - wuth sensor. The question I have now is: with Konica TC lens set on autoexposure (AE) mode, would theflash give correct amount of light? Does the auto flash know what aperture I am using? Or do I need to calculate as in manual flash?

I am rather confused about the auto flash. Can I set any aperture as long as it is within the flash's 'auto' range??

-- Anonymous, March 24, 1999


Re: Using generic auto flash with Konica TC


The only communication between the TC and a flash is that the camera tells the flash when to fire. You set the lens aperture (probably manually). You tell the flash the film speed and the same aperture (+/- any exposure compensation). Based on the light returning to the sensor (over an 18 degree angle on mine), the flash cuts off when it judges that it has provided sufficient illumination based on its aperture and film speed settings. Many flashes support only certain film speed and aperture combinations.

-- Anonymous, March 24, 1999

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