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How does everyone get around the custom page size problem with WinConnect. We could never choose custom page sizes under Windows NT 4.0 until Adobe released AdobePS 5.1 which replaced the pscript.dll that most PostScript printers used under Windows NT 4.0. The pscript.dll was located on the Windows NT 4.0 CD & it is also included on the PosterShop 4.5 CD-ROM. Once Adobe relesed this update we re-installed all of our printers using this new "driver". Viola, we could now choose custom page sizes all day long. PosterShop does not like files with custom page sizes that are created with AdobePS 5.1. We get an error every time we try to process one in PosterShop Server. I cannot recall the exact error at this time (I am at home) I think it was "error offending command "setpagedevice"" maybe. What do you all think. We really need custom page sizes so that we can save time and paper.

System Specs

Intel PII 350 128MB RAM 4.5GB SCSI HD Windows NT Server 4.0 SP4 PosterShop 4.5 Encad Novajet Pro 60e (Connected via Mylex Print Server) HP DesignJet 3500CP (Connected via internal JetDirect print server)

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999


Additional information. Here are my steps in installing the printer and revealing the problem.

1. Start>Settings>Printers, Add a new WinConnect Port for each printer (example C:\Onyx45\Input\HPDJ3500CP)

2. Run AdobePS 5.1

3. Choose Correct WinConnect Port

4. Choose "PosterShop PostScrip RIP" ppd off the PosterShop 4.5 CD-ROM

5. Share the printer so that other Windows NT Machine may print "through" it.

6. Open Wordpad, Type some text, Print onto a custome page size (example 40x29).

7. Watch the PosterShop RIP Crash & Burn :-)

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

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