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Tomorrow, ABC News Tonight will feature a story of a multi-billion dollar computer system that has been scrapped by the FAA. Hmmm...I wonder if its the same multi-billion dollar computer system that was scrapped a few years ago...

-- a (a@a.a), March 23, 1999


It wonder whether this system was part of the FAA's remediation work that enabled them to be 99% compliant last September. That is at least what Jane Garvey (or is Jane Garbage), the FAA Administrator, said at that time. I guess its scrapping explains why the General Accounting Office now says that the FAA is only 31% compliant.

-- Incredulous (, March 23, 1999.

a, I'd say this is exactly the same system that IBM told the FAA they should scrap years ago. Of course, they didn't listen and decided to remediate the existing system regardless of the expert opinions given by the manufacturer itself.

Why? I'd say that it was because the thought was that IBM was just looking to make some money by selling upgraded systems.

I remember reading that IBM put out a letter back in the 80's saying that these systems would fail. Ha... another perfect example of how poor a job many in management are capable of doing.

We're just so much burnt toast.

Mike ============================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, March 23, 1999.

As you all know, I just love these FAA announcements. Hmmm, this might make a few ears perk up on Wall Street. I have e-mailed summaries of the FAA fiasco re:3083 mainframes to a lot of news organizations/reporters and gotten a few interested replies.

-- RD. ->H (, March 24, 1999.

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