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WRAL-TV had its tech reporter, Tom Lawrence, live at the meeting site. My scribbled notes:

Cary called meeting because got so many inquiries about Y2K. Assurances given that water, electricity, hospital, etc. available. Jim Watkins, FDIC: "98% compliance" of banks. Bell South spokesperson, "fully expect to be ready. 500-1000 employees working each day on readiness." Wake Med, "only 3% of devices have embedded chips. Very small percentage of 5,000 machines. Still could be some minor problems." Reporter summed up: "Best advice from speakers - prepare as you would for a storm, an ice storm or a hurricane." Should be a full report on the WRAL site later.

Must have been disappointing for reporters--Cary is a high-tech community, just brimming over with various high-tech types who work at Research Triangle Park and the three major universities (Duke, UNC, NCSU)--execs and staff from Northern Telecom, Cree Research, Cisco, SAS, IBM, Burroughs-Wellcome, Underwriters Labs, tons of others.

-- Old Git (, March 23, 1999


I saw the NBC17 Raleigh news. Way happy face stuff. What else can you expect from an area that is comparable to Silicon Valley? Do you really think that these people want to shoot the main area industry straight in the heart and cause massive tech stock tumbles especially after today (the stock tumble of today's tech stocks)? Even the time they picked to have the meeting was almost unmanagable by most folks due to scheduling. 3:00pm to 6:00 pm. What kind of meeting time is that? I heard no one in the report ask questions. All we got on that t.v. report was about 10 seconds of sound bytes....everything is going to be oooookkaaaaaayyy.

Mr. K
****wanted to leave work to go, probably like most of the area population around here who have to work for a living****

-- Mr. Kennedy (sawTheSmilies@the.meeting), March 23, 1999.

See Puddintame's thread above. 000e39

PT was at the meeting, good report.

-- Old Git (, March 24, 1999.

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