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We have done most everything we can do to prepare for y2k, both immediate and if we go into a true depression. But I have one very real concern and that is protecting what we have. My elderly parents lived behind us on our 4 acres in a mobil home. Both died two years ago and we sold the mobil pronto as it takes work and money to maintain. Now we wonder if we shouldn't be prepared to put in another small mobil and get a younger couple in there to help with guard duty if necessary. But since that means a sizable investment, even for a used one, we haven't done anything yet. Our philosophy has been not to buy anything that we couldn't /wouldn't use/consume even if bump in road.. But a mobil home doesn't fall into that catagory. I also wonder if there won't be a lot of homes/mobile homes for sale if things get bad. Seems to me if there are massive amounts of unemployed, that cars, houses, vacation homes, mobiles, boats, ATV, etc will be flooding the market and if one has the money can be purchased for 10 cents on the dollar. In the meantime, I buy and store food for an elderly couple behind our property who are unable to cope with such, and with the thought of having at least two more persons on our land to help out. Anyone else thinking along these lines. Safety in numbers? Suggestions?

gotta nite scope??

-- Taz (, March 23, 1999


Hi! Have you thought of a couple of dogs? We have two which tend to keep people out of our back yard, creek area. Sincerely, Apple

-- Apple (, March 23, 1999.

Apple is right - also geese, guinea fowl, (both of which are edible) or peacocks (dunno, suppose you could eat them) all of which tend to be very territorial and VERY LOUD when they spot an intruder.

-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 23, 1999.

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