A bag full of crickets!?

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I have a question- when Guildemere brings Clavius around with the (smelling salts?) the first thing Clavius says sounds like "A bag... full... of crickets...". If that's the first thing he remembers, HOW can you knock somebody unconscious or whatever with a bag full of crickets? Is this just a sign of Clavius' mental instability or is there an actual, logical reason?

-- Telemental (panaceag@lvcm.com), March 23, 1999


One from column A, one from column B. What Clavius says is, "The bed... the hole... the crickets." The first two words, I think, refer to a memory of being dragged down to Trevor's secret hideout. The last could refer to the incessant buzzing sound the weird dimensional suspenders produce when they're turned on. Or it could just emphasize the fact that Clavius is a nutbag.

-- Charlie Princeton1 (cmmartin@princeton.edu), March 23, 1999.

That's what I get for not turning up the volume... Hehe, dimensional suspenders. I wonder if there's an actual reference to a cricket anywhere? Maybe the field where Trevor ended up when he took a (wrong turn) chasing Aeon?

-- Telemental (panaceag@lvcm.com), March 23, 1999.

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