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As you can see from the response to my inquiry to Ian Leverton, there was a mistaken impression given to me that I then transmitted to you. In my inquiry to Leverton I asked, if Sutter was not going to continue ANY funding, WHAT WAS SUTTER WILLING TO DO IN THE WAY OF EXERTION OF INFLUENCE to turn their "STRONG SUPPORT" into something more than empty words. Leverton does not specifically address that question nor does he address question #3 about a project specific infrastructure support request. I will re-ask those two questions. Since I cc'd the e-mail to Hunt we will see if he weighs in on any of this. Will they walk the walk? Talk's cheap.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999


I ran into Hank Berman this evening. His rationale for the collapse is that the entire model of sending money over to the medical groups violates hcfa regulations.

What, Ron, are you thinking of doing at your end?

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

In answer to Harry's question, "what are you doing at our end" here's "what". I have spoken with the President of our IPA, Dr. Bob Swanson. He was an initial strong sponser that did more than talk; he actually negotiated the original consulting contract with our hospital CEO. ( I should add, we now have a new CEO). He is still supportive and is going to carry the message to our new CEO (who just arrived on 3-1-99) at their initial meeting. Swanson in very influential in that he sits on the Sutter Board as the only practicing physician. I suggest that you talk with your IPA leaders and start what will be a political process to garner support to push back on Burhman. This is the old story of the hospital and the IPA and their tug-of-war. It's just a different piece of rope. Good luck! I'll be happy to help if you think I can provide any value.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

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