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I have been an Aeon die hard fan for fact I'm doing my presentation on it for my University English fantasy class !

Anyway..I was wondering if someone could help me out with a part in the demiurge which I have been trying to figure out for years now. In one part of the episode, Aeon is climbing Trevor's tower and finds looking into one of the windows that there is a woman crying on her hands and knees in front of two men, in which one of them is chuckling to himself.

Later as Aeon returns to her lookout, and with the new demiurge released from Nadir, she notices that same individual in the window hollering in terror???

Can anyone give me some of their insight on this one?

P.S> Hey ya Spofforth! How's it goin? ;)

P.S.S Glad to see there is still the Aeon die hards out there!

-- Seldszar (, March 22, 1999


Hey Seldszar. Good to meet new fans... If you check out the tape of the Demiurge again, you'll see that the crying woman is kneeling in front of a box just like the one under Nadir's bed. There's obviously a connection - both certainly contain Demiurge critters. I always thought that the laughing man had killed the critter in the woman's box - thus her shame and his amusement. When the Demiurge returns, he punishes the laughing man - the ice cubes in his drink become tiny little Demiurge heads... What do you think?

-- Charlie Princeton (, March 22, 1999.

Whoa! Hey, Seldz! Been awhile... heh heh. As soon as I can access my E-Mail I'll drop you a note, we have some catching up to do...

-- Spofforth (, March 23, 1999.

Hey ya Charlie..thanks. I rewatched it..and noticed the box which looked like it was crushed from the top.

Very cool..never noticed that.About the Aeon clones...well...I usually take it as every episode being a new plane of reality with every episode. I think there's one Aeon but the show focuses on the different realities of Aeon.

(hmm...hope that made some sence.;) )

-- Seldszar (, March 24, 1999.

When i saw this scene i thought that one of the women looked pregnant, but i can't fully remember anymore. regardless, i do remember feeling a sense of connection between that scene and the scene of the Monican (or Breen?) dead soldiers being dropped back into the city in parachuting coffins.

That's pretty damned potent. Considering that Trevor's raising of the Demiurge would've likely created more born-agains (Rubio-style), i think that all of those bodies were potential masses of people raised from the dead. Of course, things don't work out that way, and even if they had... i don't think that was Trevor's plan.

Part of me also thinks that the man's terror of the Demiurge in his drink reflects a basic characteristic of society: people laugh at the unknown when they think that they've conquered it, even though every conquest is at someone or something elses expense. However, when they discover that kind of unknown "in their cup of coffee", they promptly wake up and smell the coffee and freak out.

-- Day Of Brahma (, October 26, 2004.

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