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I propose to do qualitative research after writing the last course in our current art curriculum. This new elective course,"World Understanding" will return our focus to a more open minded approach in educating our youth than we now have; by giving art students an opportunity to know and understand the five world views accurately and equally with the words and artistic examples of their own proponents. This course will give art students a more informed view of our world, and a realization of how a world view affects it's art and culture. I contend, by increasing the knowledge about other peoples of the world, art students that choose "World Understanding" will:

* be able to discuss issues and identify art of the five world views that have shaped the twentieth century and will shape the twenty-first.

* know that every individual bases their thoughts, decisions and actions on one of the five world views. * appreciate and understand people of the world, even though they do not think the same as the student does.

* be happier, because of the exposure to a wider range of people, activities and environments. * have more confidence by overcoming prejudice and the fear of other cultures through understanding and peaceful exposure.

* recognize certain views are growing in acceptance by our society which requires personal examination.

* understand why people should rely on their own ideas through research rather than coersiveness or comformity.

* know what ideas comprize a world view, and how many ideas must be changed before it is altered or merely affects the fringe.

* learn to express themselves positively with a fair representation of each world view, both verbally and visually in many art mediums including computer technology .

The document 3World Understanding2, will be written during the summer of 1999, and be the final course in 3Artistic Understanding2 which is our current art curriculum. It is a coarse that will focus more on a fine art perspective, in contrast to our Commercial/Graphic Arts Class, which is geared to the commercial aspects of art.

-- Anonymous, March 22, 1999

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