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Whaterver happened to Paul Davis? Maybe he has been reborn as Nom. Actually Paul did a better job.

Dry in Seattle

-- Martin Thompson (, March 22, 1999



You can find Paul Davis at

For the middle of the road. (They don't sell anything)

-- Not Buying (buyer@beware.always), March 22, 1999.

Link alert:

The above link is, again, to the Gary North Is A Big Fat Idiot site. A lot of these non-disclosed type links seem to be showing up lately.

-- GNIABFI Trolls Should Get a Life (, March 22, 1999.

"And the Yourdonfor's quake at the link to Biffy forum, where the Calm mongering Fear Rejectionists hang..."

AHHHH HA HA HA ha ha ha ha!!!

What a hoot!

-- Mutha Nachu (, March 23, 1999.

Let's hope Pollyanna Paul has wandered back to the ostrich ranch so we can get to work here without his pink cloud distractions.

-- cody varian (, March 28, 1999.

cody, actually I think Paul presents very thought provoking arguments sometimes (as does Flint, Woe Is Me, Hoffmeister), and I always look forward to reading what he has to say. Frankly, without them, all we have left as "representatives" of the Y2K optimistic crowd are generally not much good at saying much of anything that hangs together well. (And this does not even count the trolls; e.g., Mutha, Y2K Pro, et al.)

-- Jack (, March 28, 1999.

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