Y2K concerns might spur move on rates by Fed

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my nomination for unintentionally ironic quote of the week:

"Economic shocks related to Y2K should result in a lot of ``noise'' in early 2000 data, Kasriel added, suggesting that Y2K could handcuff the Fed until the spring of 2000."

-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), March 22, 1999


all the way to the spring of 2000, eh? quite a long time for a three- day "storm" (snicker)

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (y2k@cbn.org), March 22, 1999.

Thanks Arlin..two good posts. A lot of activity for a bump in the road.

-- Mike Lang (webflier@erols.com), March 22, 1999.

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