Looking For Quote Re: "Not Enough Time"

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This has been the best I've found, but since DeJager has done a 180 degree, it would be nice to have a better quote.

"[Capers] Jones also validates our estimation that an enterprise starting in 1997 is likely to get through only about 80 percent of its applications; if it waits until 1999, only 30 percent. And even conceding that only 30 percent of the applications may be critical to the business of the enterprise, that 30 percent is probably attached by data to another 40 percent of the other applications that won't make the transition in time. At best, the organization will be crippled; at worst, it will no longer exist." - Peter de Jager, "Managing 00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computer Crisis."

-- mabel (mabel_louise@yahoo.com), March 22, 1999

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