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So here is an archive of this forum that has been taking shape over the last week.  After being on the email circuit  for the last 8 months this is a dream come true being able to archive peoples "testimony" in regards to how they plan to prepare. On Email one is restricted by the medium. If information on how to deal with Y2K is to get out to people then the information must be online and effective. We are running out of time, y2k will be upon us sooner than we wish.

  Just for the record I have produced this archive because a year ago the threat to the power supply was recognized on a wider scale. This was not significant to me that y2k could be a cause to work towards solving. Having little awareness of computer programming it was of no concern. But I have lived in the Canadian Arctic. The thought of a major City having a power and or natural gas failure during a cold snap was a real  concern.  People would be at serious risk. There is no emergency plan to deal with such an event. In all my searching on the net I have not seen ANYTHING that impresses me in the event of an emergency during arctic cold.

  So we are now in a position of personal contingency planning. If such an effort is going to work it has to address not only the cold but water, food, family ect. People have to do the five steps, awareness, assessment, remediation, test and implement. To do that effectively they must have a common base of knowledge on which they can base their actions. Each individual have their own risk level. I personally feel that it is the individuals actions that is the start of any preparation at any level. Anyone that understands Y2K and still feels the government can come like a knight in shining armor is not dealing with reality. We in western culture are playing Russian roulette  with 5 bullets in the wheel. We must have the ability to make folks aware of the risks and prepare in a manner that fits their needs.

  While checking out this group in the past it never occurred to me that this was a prep group as allot of excellent info comes from here to the net and that has been passed on to my browser. It was only lately that it became apparent that you folks have LOTS of really great info on preparing but to get at it one has to dig in a very hap hazard manner. This appears to be a great waste of prep info so I took it upon myself to build the archive below.

  There are a few things to note about these archives.

First, at all times I prefer to have a new page open so it is designed that way. To optimize this feature reduce the width of the category you are in and move the window to the right of your screen. Now open up several of the posts and they will pop up on the left. This is handy if a person is online by the hour.  One can open up a pile of windows and go off line.

Second, the menu above and below is a "little" archive that can be posted on the forums. Not only is it small and portable but will work on any of the other forums. This is a powerful communications tool.  Hopefully it can be modified to work on any website. The menu will also open to a new window.

  Third, I will be maintaining the site so it will be up dated regularly (I hope :o)

  Forth, as it is in the forums I hope that folks will contribute to the pages if they see some way they can expand the knowledge base.

  Fifth, have patience with me as computers are not my expertise, I am actually just a conserved person not a tech whiz.  So if there are errors somewhere along the line and you could help me through it I would appreciate that :o)

  Sixth, THIS IS YOUR ARCHIVE! Gathering it together is not hard after reading 10,000,000 pages (kidding) of y2k stuff that is not going to help anyone. This has meaning and you folk have contributed to it so make sure that others are aware of it. I am trying to figure out how to post the HTML so people can put under their Q&A. This would contribute to the awareness of this resource. Then everyone will have axcess to an instant archive.

  Seventh, if and when this grows to any great site then if folks could manage a category  that they have a particular interest in it would be good.  Gardening and Guns seem to be the ones that get special attention in Y2K prep discussions.  Neither of which I know much about.  (I will of course help :o)

  Eighth, It is my intention to post something daily so that folks that just come in to get info are aware that they have this option.

Ninth, this is also a research tool. What is the status of the search engine with this forum?

 I hope this archive helps people and remember anyway possible lets help out each other for the coming times. Y2k is not a management issue or a business issue or a political issue. Y2K is getting personal.


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Year 2000 Preparation Archive. Choose the category you are interested in and press Submit. The link will appear in a new page.


-- Brian (, March 22, 1999


It appears I can't change the password protection so untill that can happen the password will be y2k. Sorry :o) I will change the menu to reflect this

-- Brian (, March 22, 1999.

Brian, Thanks so much. I've just finished printing all 12 pages of the "Bugging Out" thread. I plan to make more copies and mail to friends and family members who DGI, and who think my behavior is some kind of post menopausal anomaly. What a great help this was.

-- gilda jessie (, March 22, 1999.

Sounds like a useful forumn. Now if I only could get IN. I'm a person who never allows others to put cookies on my system, and the forumn won't allow me in. HELP!

-- Bill (, March 22, 1999.

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