what is really needed to be able to say we broke the back of y2k

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This article is for those self appointed experts that think that the back of y2k is broken. Stop it, it is dangerous to bring confusion to those who have to make tough choices to ready there families for what will be in my opinion the 2nd worst event any family has had to face since WWII. It is better to incourage maximum preparedness in every country and have it save as many lives as we can than to spew the party line that it will be a minor bump in the road. Any expert that is worth his salt knows where heading for very stormy seas in the coming months leading up to the y2k. It will not be business as usual and preparing our kids and family will be a tough enough job without you bozo's telling the media to spread these untruths. Do the homework for the last year and half I realized we had a challenge coming, and researched many thousands of documents related to the size,scope,cost and difficulty of fixing the y2k to access the danger coming. It's not going to be a walk in the park. We need to prepare for Y2k as we would prepare for a war. We must do every thing in our power to ensure that the non-computer supply chain is erected immediately and incourage our politians to cut the crap and make resource, training and a y2kplan of action available to all communities as soon as humanly possible.

Y2k will not be a game it will be deadly serious and only committed honest leadership will work. Stand down our military activities overseas as much as safely possible to insure that a military conflict wont erupt and get us into something we will reget later this year. We need to preach Peace, think Peace, and act responsibly for the sake of our kids. As Bob Dylan said dont follow leaders who watch parking meters. Stand and be counted say No to war in Iraq, say No to War in Kosovo. Want to stop the war over there cut off there money it will stop in a few days flat. Big countries have the ability to shut off the money supply. Troops dont get paid,no war simply as that. But big countries like war it serves there need for power. If you cant find a better solution to stop these tin pan dictators than bombing these countries inocent poor people into the stone ages tha maybe it's time for a revival of a 60's style peace movement,nationwide strikes and boycotts to get there (our leaders) attention. I say far to little is being done by our federal, state, and local governments to mitigate the risks to our communities for what is a known technological breakdown on our horizon that is coming to say that the back of y2k is broken. Let's use y2k victory Gardens and victory over y2k bug as a place to join communities all over the world to band together as a ralling point to save what is dear for our kids generation.

We need to get busy now and put a monkey wrench in the disinformation campaigne. Target any and all agencies and corporations for boycotts and strikes that engauge in these dishonest spin campaignes, reward those that are honest. If they claim compliance or readiness let it be only said if they can provide 3rd party independant verification. Our Families safety and well being is to important to tolorate the lies. We Demand a RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT,a RESPOSIBLE MEDIA AND we hold EXPERTS RESPONSIBLE TO keep these watch on these entities to make sure they are doing the job their suppose to. Their in posistions of power given to them by the people to watch out for our safety in a responsible manner. If they are derlict in their duty then we need to address it. Only you experts out in the y2k trenches can tell us if we are being lied to and heading for the falls, speak out you need to break the code of silence and give us your story. This is the only way we can break the back of Y2k so it dont break our backs.

Y2k aware mike take care and God Bless. Only the truth will set us free. If you have y2k sucess stories share them,if you have y2k failure stories share them, but pleaaseeeee no 5 day we got it all fix ed moron stories.

-- y2kaware mike (y2kaware@conservation.com), March 22, 1999


troll alert.

-- tired of trolls (none@thistime.com), March 22, 1999.

Sorry, "tired of trolls," this doesn't fit the profile of a troll. Your post, however, does.

-- This is not a troll! (notroll@here.now), March 22, 1999.

Hey, Mike,

Good post. Gets straight to the heart of what is needed.

Everyone else: please cut the "troll alert" stuff. Anyone can post here, even people who not meet your political or social pet theories! Whenver I see "troll" or "friggin' troll" I feel embarrassed to be on this forum, as if I were amongst a lot of junior high students.

I've been posting since August under various pseudonyms and am not a friggin' troll; neither is Mike.

-- Bergamot (nobody@nowhere.com), March 22, 1999.

Thanks bergamot I'm no troll, If you out there feel that caring about my family's health and safety make me a troll so be it. As I see it the U.S. and it's allies are involved in military conflict in Iraq and soon to be involved in kosovo. Also Israel is talking military action if the palistine state is declared. We better be on watch and prepare for possible consequences. The big powers are positioning . We and are families are in between. Y2k might be real nasty and they know it, so this is why they are pushing their agendas foward. Don't be fearful but diligently prepare for all kinds of contingencies. Just remember that in WWII in europe those who had to endure the horrors of war where those who ignored the warnings and didnt think it could happen to them and failed to prepare for that extreme possiblity. Be flexible when developing your Plans nobody knows how this will pan out. Pray for God's guidiance and ask him how to make preparations and what contingencies you need to think about and train for in advance.

-- y2k aware mike (y2kaware mike@conservation.com), March 23, 1999.

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