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First, I want to thank everyone here -- well, almost everyone ;) -- for giving me a great education and a lota laffs. And a special thanks to Ed for making it all possible!

That said, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend other forums of similar quality as I still have much, much, much to learn.

Thanks, Chris

-- Chris (, March 22, 1999


Depends on if you want fear, or facts.

For fear, North has several...uhh...interesting discussions, there are some on deja, csy2k, etc.

For FACTS, try Biffy...there are many links to other good stuff there as well. Cherry Stewart moderates a list dealing w/embedded systems on e-groups as well.

-- Mutha Nachu (, March 22, 1999.

Mutha is the head honcho at GNIABFI. Go ahead and take a look Chris. I'll bet you'll be back here in about 10 minutes. No news over there, just a bunch of idiots.

-- GI (, March 22, 1999.

Hi, Chris. There are lots of other forums out there, where you want to go depends on what you want to get.

For example, there is a site called the Cassandra Project that has great prep tips and community building aids. Pastor Chris started a forum (very like this one in access) for Christians who want to discuss Y2K. Gary North has some very interesting links to a huge number of articles, and comments on them, too, if you want to read his thoughts. There's the weatherman, the what the experts say, and a gazillion and one other places to visit.

Although I've bookmarked lots of sites, this is where I most often come. Like almost everyone else, I have a limited time to spend on the net. I enjoy the camaraderie here, the speed that I hear of 2k articles, the comments and the wit, so here is where I usually come first. If you're looking for something in particular, ask specifically and someone is almost certain to have an answer, with a URL, for you.

Welcome to our asylum, don't let us fruitcakes drive you nuts!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, March 22, 1999.


Here's a link to c.s.y2k: sort=date&ST=QS&

-- Linkmeister (, March 22, 1999.

There's always Frugal Squirrel. Look under "frugal squirrel". All kinds of stuff, including Patriot board, Y2k Preps board, Survivalism board, Weapons board", and lots of free file downloads.

Check it out.

-- Bill (, March 22, 1999.

Frugal Squirrel is a good one, semi-hard core but lurk awhile to get the feel of it. I learned a lot on that BB in regards to survivial techniques, but have learned more on this site on actual Y2K issues. Have lurked on other's but they didn't have the intelligence level I was looking for. Have been on this site for about 18 months now and found this one to be the best.

-- barfdou (, March 22, 1999.

mothra nacho is a sysop? well, that explains his ego!

Chris, I second the suggestion of frugal squirrel's site - a *LOT* of good information.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 22, 1999.

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