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Gentlemen, In view of the expression of some confusion regarding the status of the Clinical Improvement Progam and its ongoing funding, I have asked Ian Leverton to contact me ASAP to answer the following questions: 1. Will Sutter continue to fund the local hospitals (CPMC, ABMC, and Marin) to cover to costs incurred in continuing to support the MDCIs? 2. If not, given that these costs are now borne by the local hospital, what influence will Sutter bring to bear to encourage the continuation of the local programs? 3. If the MDCIs find that there is a defined need for a program previously implemented at one MDCI hospital to be implemented at another MDCI hospital, will Sutter be willing to consider funding to help with an implementation effort at the second hospital?

-- Anonymous, March 22, 1999


Ron: I just saw the email from Ian stating that the CIC was not to be further funded. I have asked him to clarify if this is an accounting issue between sutter and local hospitals or if the directive is to breach our contracts.


-- Anonymous, March 22, 1999

Please see current e-mails that continue the discussion on the subject. Also note that although all e-mails have been cc'd to Gordon Hunt, so far, he has not weighed in with a reply.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

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