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Wind is our hero and nemisis, a wave of torment for the lost sailor. While being the spirit lifting the wings of pegasus. Positive and negative forming an inseparable layer. Like the mind and heart in harmony being, wheels and a frame ready to depart. Not knowing the lost sailor rides the same cart.

The wolf Howls at the moon to make his presence known. The moon smiles brightly remembering all the kisses blown. The wind whisles furiously not realising his jealosy's grown, Into a weeping willow without sunshine. As the moon turns into sleeping beauty, The wind and the wolf make ammends and realise love is truly devine.

Why is the lion the king of the jungle? Perhaps because he eats without greed. Recognising his true need to be humble. What is a bee like without bumble? Maybe like an ant waiting for his hill to crumble. Smiling rather then crying, as his stomach rumbles.

Elastic is the sky stretching its simplicity. Shielding mother earth with her clouds of positivity. Holding whatever may lurk within her sphere of relativity. A dominant life formed from clay of electrical static, paralyzed by the inventions that create the birth of the automatic, not being able to move forward or backward, only to exist, as an erased line in natures schematic.

But the eternal spirit of a mathematical line, lies between two points on a circular socket. Radiating love like a peddling heart with a human sprocket.


-- Duane Harris (, March 21, 1999


Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don't prepare, y2k will kill you! Tman...

-- Tman (, March 21, 1999.

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