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Anyone "catch" Tom Brokaw's "pitch" from Russia last night? If that didn't resemble a 'tale spin'. First he interviews the ?Mob Boss Mayor and photo-ops the Market Economy-Party, ?Sprung Brake in Cherynobol. Then he magically appears (not) halfway 'round the world in Siberia, to report of the truly poor and desparate village of common(rade) folks, starving, and freezing, even eating their hunting dogs (nice hat) who will no longer receive the coal shipments to keep the home fires burning because of lack of payment, cause the military is broke(n). Is the 'sum' analogy here I was supposed to GETit!! or just another 'day in the life', by the same reporter who didn't think we should get involved in IRAQ? Spun@lright

-- Mike Mac (, March 21, 1999


Tom, Dan and Peter no longer REPORT the news they attempt to MAKE the news.


-- Ray (, March 21, 1999.

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