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I've had 3 Petromax lanterns (from Diana -- for about 8 months now. My primary use is for camping but I am thankful that I have 'em for Y2K. Initially I had some problems pumping it up, but after the 2nd use, everything works just great.

These lanterns are incredible! The light that they put out is much better than the Coleman lanterns and the quality and finish blow the Coleman away. I know that the petromax is more money but in my opinion, it's well worth it.

The people at petromax are really nice and helpful but a couple of my friends ordered lanterns and stoves and it took 2 or 3 weeks to get them. When I got mine it took 3 days! I guess the y2k demand is to blame... A friend of mine from work just got his order and he got a pretty cool looking metal case for it. I checked their web page and there's no picture of it. I got a nylon case with all of mine.

I have never used gasoline or coleman fuel in mine. I just use kerosene. I am a firefighter and would never allow even a small amount of gasoline inside our home. It's way too volatile.

Does anyone have any opinions on the stoves? I want to buy 2 (for y2k -- NOT camping).


-- Dale T. Carriker (, March 20, 1999


Everything that I have read on this forum and others regarding those friggin Petromax lanterns is that they aren't worth the powder to blow them up with! Everyone complains about pumping them up and having to exchange parts for better parts. No thank you! Who wants to be frustrated and stranded with a piece of equipment that works half-ass? JMHO.

-- nothanks (, March 21, 1999.

Well nothanks,

You certainly have selective memory. I hear mostly POSITIVE comments about Petromax (including from myself).

My perception is that most of the whiners who can't get them pumped up or turned on are impatient nincompoops.

Getting light may be harder than a .0005 calorie flick of the finger guys. I'm surprised I haven't heard complaints about firewood's apparent inability to catapult itself spontaneously into the fireplace, and self combust.

You guys are so soft, a sponge has a firmer spine.

GET OVER IT! DEAL WITH IT! Or you'll *really* have problems in a few months.

Jolly hates lazy people.

-- Jollyprez (, March 21, 1999.

Hi guys,

I have 2 Petromax's (from Diana at Britelyt) and they both work great!

Yes, pumping is a problem at first, until the leather pump gasket becomes flexible enough. And, yes, the pump could be redesigned with modern materials so it's easier to pump (which would probably make the lamp more expensive if they used construction that matches the rest of the lamp).

But the way the Petromax is built, replaceable parts can be made with low tech methods and materials. Isn't that feature just as desirable as the ability to use any burnable liquid?

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, March 21, 1999.

Forget the overpriced, difficult to operate Petromax. I ordered one of the Coleman kerosene lanterns from for $66.99. These things work great. A real Coleman pressure lantern that operates on kerosene. Stinky

-- Stinky (, March 21, 1999.

You're right Stinky, Kerosene IS stinky. :)

Petromax will burn anything that will burn (including vegetable oil) which is why I ordered one. I--for one--appreciate all the posts about problems and solutions, since I haven't unpacked mine yet, and these posts give me a "heads up" about what problems to expect, and how to solve them!


-- FM (, March 21, 1999.

Hello, Dale,

In mid-January, when I ordered these products, I was told that they would ship in a few days. Not so. The Petromax lantern took 7-8 weeks, and the stove nearly 9 weeks. Maybe things have improved since then, but I do not know.

I got 2 lanterns a few weeks ago, and will praise them highly. I had no trouble getting one of them going, and very little difficulty with the other. They are unbelievably solid, well-crafted and just plain beautiful to look at, in any case.

Now, as to the stove, I will tell you what I can. This is just my experience, and your mileage may vary. First, I ordered it at the same time as the lanterns. The lanterns arrived without the stove, the packing list showed the stove as being included in the order, and my credit card had been billed for the complete order. A call to Brytelite told me that the stove had been backordered, and would be shipping in another week, with no explanation for the credit card billing. A week and a half later another call to Brytlite told me that the stove had shipped the previous day. (A call to UPS told me a bit differently). The stove finally arrived a few days ago. It is NOT a Petromax. Brytelite's webpage states that it is a Petromax, and that it is made by the same manufacturer. The Petromax lantern clearly says "Petromax" on it, and is made in Germany. The stove clearly says "Hipolito" on it, and that it is made in Portugal. The stove arrived with two fairly good-sized dents on it, a few scratches, and no instructions at all. I haven't used it yet (not sure if I will keep it), but it appears very cheaply made. The Petromax lantern as compared to the Hipolito stove is like a Porsche to a Yugo.

-- Wanda (, March 21, 1999.

FYI, in my case, the instructions for the stove were taped to the outside of the box in an envelope. I almost missed them.


-- Floyd Baker (, March 22, 1999.

Thank you, Floyd! After reading your message, I retrieved the shipping box from the recycling bin, and Tah Dah, there are the instructions, in an envelope taped to the bottom of the outside of the box. I would have missed it. Is yours a Hipolito? Have you used it yet?

-- Wanda (, March 22, 1999.


Glad we got to you before the garbage man did.

No we haven't fired it up yet. Been too cold to go outside and I'm not taking any chances after my experience with the lantern. :-)

I think it *looks* like a pretty substantial item. Do have a question for anyone, on the tools that came with it. I managed to figure out the wrench but what are those spoon handles with the steel wire clamped onto the end where the spoon would be. For cleaning or clearing a plugged fuel jet or burner holes perhaps? Anyone know for sure?


-- Floyd Baker (, March 22, 1999.

I also did not know about the "extra parts"....I e-mailed Diana at Brytlite...but did not receive an answer. That was last week. I have not tried the stove yet either.

-- jeanne (, March 22, 1999.

me to ,I also ordered the stove , as wll as the lantern, at the same time, and the lantern arrived before the stove. I thought I would be receiving a petromax stove, but, alas, it was a hipolito. I fired it up, and believe me, it works, but is scary. do not attempt to light it indoors, the first time, anyway. I did not heed the warning of starting it outdoors, and it scared the shit out of me wondering how to turn it off. very disapointed in the fact that I thought I was getting a petromax stove, and got a "hipolito", instead. diana, you should be ashamed.

-- ed (, March 23, 1999.

Duh... Hipolito, Aida and Petromax ARE ALL THE SAME THING! They always have been. I have one of the stoves from and it's not the most beautiful thing in the world--- but it does work well. Now on the other hand, the Petromax lantern is a true work of art and has a beautiful finish as well.

When I got my stove, the instructions plainly state "LIGHT OUTDOORS". You should pay more careful attention to directions. Diana is a real sweetheart and I would not hesitate to order more items from her if I ever need them.

They have a new picture on their web site of 3 lanterns --- different sizes. I'm going to call today to inquire about pricing, but they look pretty cool! They have an incredible web site but I would really never order anything without talking to a human being. (I'm old fashioned that way)

Now if I could only find a Katadyn water filter this easily :(

-- Robert (, March 23, 1999.

Hi, Everyone!!

It's really good to hear both the good and the bad comments, concerning the Petromax & Hipolito stoves and lanterns. Believe it or not, your comments are more welcome, than you might realize. This helps us better serve you, and we really need to know your likes and dislikes about the products. Also....for all those who have trouble working the lanterns and stoves, rest does take a little practice, but once you've gotten the knack for operating's a piece of cake. We are working on new products to make the "pumping" process a LOT easier, so, don't think we've forgotten you.

For all of you who are leary of the "Hipolito" stoves.....don't be. They ARE, indeed, a product of Petromax, as the manufacturers of these fine products are as brother/sister companies. If the lanterns and stoves were different, then you wouldn't be able to interchange the parts. I WILL NOT hesitate to replace those "Hipolito" stoves, with the Petromax stove, if you bought one from me. No problem. The stoves marked "Petromax", will be in, hopefully (if there are no delays in manufacture of the products), within the next few weeks. First, though, I would suggest giving the Hipolito the credit it deserves, as it is a part of history, just as the "Aida", "Geniol", and "Petromax" have been.

For all those who have ordered, and have not received your shipment, we apologize for the delay. As I have stated, many times, our manufacturers are used to a "seasonal" barrage of orders;however, since the demand has been overwhelming, they are working hard to get these orders imported to us, as soon as possible. We have been assured, that the shipment arriving to our facility, will cover all those delayed, and we will have plenty in stock. Our shipments will be arriving on a regular basis, now, so there should be no problem in fulfilling our old and new obligations.

Our committment still stands......We're NOT raising our prices...We stand behind everything we sell.....We're here 7-days per week for your convenience, and.....I will do everything in my power to work with anyone who is having difficulty operating these products. I know I, personally, don't have any patience, so there's no reason that I should expect anyone else to have more. Goodness!! These things CAN be a bear at times, but don't us, or write us. I'll do my best to get back with you, as soon as possible. If I miss you.....KEEP TRYING!!! I REALLY need to know.

Thanks, again, and God Bless. Keep smiling!!

Diana...BriteLyt 727-856-9245

-- Diana Clifton (, March 23, 1999.

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