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Can anyone give me a list of relevant questions I can ask the person in charge of my city regarding water and y2k? I live in Chandler Az.( just outside of Phoenix) What are things that they should have in order to be ready?

-- B.Clark (mrmomx6@aol.com), March 20, 1999


Go to the site pointed out by "gotitlongago" on a thread (only a thread or two down from this one).

State Water Resources Control Board

This will give you ALL of the ideas you need to formulate questions. Find out what they are addressing and then ask your person or panel if they are addressing the same issues.

Good luck.

Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (look@this.site), March 20, 1999.

Thanks Mr. K. I checked the site out. Great information.

-- B.Clark (mrmomx6@aol.com), March 21, 1999.

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