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Every power plant that I have read about says, they will isolate them selves from the grid if need be. Would some DWGI, OR DGI please tell me how you have a grid up and running if the power plants are disconnected? I'm having a brain block here. Got candles?

-- SCOTTY (, March 20, 1999


With the eastern part of the grid, there is 40% of power coming from the nukes, if they shut down, do you think the Goverment will allow any power company to disconnect itself from the grid. They will declare marshall law, and take over the power plants. Slick Willy is afraid of the dark.

-- (, March 20, 1999.

If Willy keeps bombing, we may all end up glowing.

-- Watchful (, March 20, 1999.


the point of islanding some of the utilities is to keep their local service areas operational - and yes of course that pretty much guarantees that a substantial portion of the grid will go down. Since it's known that at least some of the smaller utilities are going to experience a crash and burn at the rollover (thus making some brownout/blackouts inevitable) there isn't any option for the other utilities *except* islanding...unless they want to be taken down along with the little guys.

One area I am certain will island will be Washington DC - the feds will require them to do so in order to keep the fedgov itself operational.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 20, 1999.

The Westergaard site had an article on this awhile back under "Powerful Prognostications" referring to this concept as "Balkanization of the Grid," and inferring it to be a really bad idea. 'Don't know what you think of the author, but it might be worth a look.

-- FM (, March 21, 1999.

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