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During the last few months I expected these advance signals of impending collapse, panic, second coming, econonomic boom to kick in.

Everyone, go back to sleep.

-- fly .:. (.@...), March 20, 1999


The year is not over...yet.

-- bardou (, March 20, 1999.

The CEO for the company I work for has bailed! We are supposed to be compliant by the 2nd quarter, I can tell you we won't make it. There are still too many problems with the system and I haven't seen any major testing being done or even started for that matter. Tman

-- Tman (, March 20, 1999.

Has anyone heard any more about the Wall Street Y2K testing and the GPS test that was conducted two or three weeks ago?

Seems real strange that we haven't heard or seen any happy-face PR spin on either lately!

-- Speaking (, March 20, 1999.

The Wall Street report is supposed to be officially released March 29.
Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (tshtf@midnight.dong), March 21, 1999.

Well it's may 1999 and so far we have a failed EURO per martin armstrong of the Princeton economic Review, Gold is being manipulated ref. the antitrust action pending and the bank of England sell off of half it's gold reserves, and Inflation is back on the upswing rather dramatically.

The jury is out on Jo Anne (i.e. spin and cover up, just like the EURO), there ARE top doig resignations (Rubin to name just one), insider selling - you tell me.

fly - you are getting what you wished for :)

-- Andy (, May 17, 1999.

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