The President said today that he learned that lying has consequences. What were they? He also said that he did not take advantage of his authority hundreds : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

and hundreds and hundreds of times. By his precise method of phrasing things, this means at least 600 times. (200 +200 +200) Lets see now. He has been President 6 years plus say around 2000 days. This could mean that he did take advantage of his authority thousands of times since he obviously made more than one decision each day. These could include the failure to address Y2k issues, whitewater, filegate, selling secrets to China for campaign contributions, the 900 FBI files, lying under oath, scandals in Arkansaw, admitted sexual activities with persons under his control etc. etc. It is a shame. What did he learn? What is all this about treason, espionage, etc. Where is Congress? Will they wake up. Was the impeachment a smokescreen to hide all of these other issues? There is not much news now about his high poll ratings. Perhaps they could not pass the laugh test.

-- Moe (, March 20, 1999


Moe, well thought out as your thread is, you need to understand that focus on this is a waste of your time. Politicians do what they do. This has not changed since the days of the roman empire...the sooner you know this and the sooner you decide if you will participate or not is the most important question.

-- Donna Barthuley (, March 20, 1999.

To all off-topic posters:

If you can't refrain from starting an off-topic thread, will you at least have the courtesy to indicate in your thread title that it is off-topic? Something like "Off-topic: ---" or "OT: ---".

-- No Spam Please (, March 20, 1999.

Donna, great comment.

This is so true. Politicians are not in it for the money. Either they are altruists or they want power.

-- mabel (, March 20, 1999.

Hey Moe, how would you like to be related to one of these chicks?

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), March 20, 1999.

I want to apoligise to the above posters. One of my character defects is to attempt humor when in a bad mood. I'm sorry you guys.

-- KoFE (Your@town.USA), March 22, 1999.

wHAt aRE YoUR OThER DEfeCtS?????? FOoLisHNEss???? CONstiPAtIoN????? SLavISH WORshIP At thE ALteR OF DOoM?????? INConTINenCe????? MULtipLe peRSONaliTIEs?????? TeLL DIeTeR, TeLL aLL To diETeR ANd gET reLiEF!!!!! INFidEL!!!!

-- Dieter (, March 22, 1999.

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