Where in the world is Carmen San Die...Uh...Diane Squires?

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Just noticed an absence of Diane today...Where are you, dearheart? We've become attached to you...

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), March 19, 1999


She's here. Rumor is she has a cold. <:)=

Y2K Analogies -- What Are Your Favorite Descr...

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), March 19, 1999.

Yeah, she is around but had a cold/flu and was a bit "Y2K tired" I think she said. Hopefully she is taking a well deserved break and drinking that latte (sp?) she likes so much. Either that or Leska and Ashton have snatched her away again - Hmmm, now where have those two been? BTW, Chris is away until Wednesday.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), March 19, 1999.


I'm around, just less frequently. Have some other projects to work on, and am Y2K tired.

If you need to flag me about anything, feel free to "e" me.


(Sniffles gone, Sysman, and going to garden show tomorrow ... fun, and "normal!")

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 19, 1999.

I "talked" to her the other day. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me reprinting - "I need to focus on some stuff that would get me funded to move to Portland, Oregon and work on corporate Y2K presentations, and lots of other prep stuff."

I used to have a telemarketing job (for asbout two weeks - yuck!), and one project was selling voicemail services to small companies. One of the states I had to call was Oregon, and every phone there was answered by a woman with a great voice. I considered moving there.

I imagine Diane has a great voice.


-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), March 19, 1999.


Leska and Ashton are Y2K disengaging a bit as well.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 19, 1999.

Chuckles, pshannon.

Actually ...

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 19, 1999.

e-mail me yer phone number, and we'll find out...


-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), March 19, 1999.

Oh, yeah...

She definitely has one of those great Oregon voices!

It was nice to talk to you, Diane.

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), March 20, 1999.

Thanks pshannon,

Great to chat with you to!! You sparkle.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 20, 1999.

Recently, my son showed me this great playtime activity... playing in the dirt. We've been playing a whole lot lately. I owe that constructive attitude adjustment and thought shift to Diane and some wisdom she shared with me.

Diane, it's nice to know that you take your own advice to heart as well : )

As someone with y2k burn out as well I understand the frustration. However, this past week was the first time I was able to have constructive conversation with some of my DGI and DWGI family. There is a real shift happening.

Anyway, I wish you all the best.

Mike =============================================================

-- Mike Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), March 20, 1999.

Well Mike at least you have dirt to play in (snow's over?) - it's been raining here, noting but mud - and we're starting to grow that Cascadian green mossssss among the pine weeds.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), March 23, 1999.

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