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No word about Y2K at today's News conference, but we will bomb Kosivo "To Save the Children" We may need our stores before Y2K

-- HeliumAvid (, March 19, 1999


Is this a blast others every month program?

How many dogs will Clinton wag?

-- Watchful (, March 19, 1999.

What you mean "we", white man?

It's time you folk stop associating yourself with the government. This government (public) schooling propaganda about "by the people, for the people..." is asswipe. Those in government are one group of people (mostly a**holes), and those not in government are another group (many a**holes, and increasing). The interests of the two groups are inimical.

BTW, the above "we" thing references an old, old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

-- A (, March 19, 1999.


Clinton has control of the dog pound.

"Let slip the dogs of war." -WS

-- dinosaur (, March 20, 1999.


Have the dogs bitten their controller?

Were they that rabid?


-- Watchful (, March 20, 1999.


I guess we can't blame Buddy the First Pooch no matter how much he piddles in the Lincoln Bedroom! 8^)

-- dinosaur (, March 20, 1999.

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