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Fortune 500

 Fortune 500 Year 2000 Data Pages

The "Fortune 500" are America's 500 largest companies, based on annual revenue. Their sheer size makes their Y2K compliance critical not only to the economy, but to everyone who does business with them. These pages are dedicated to monitoring their progress as measured by their SEC filings.

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The contents of these surveys were compiled by the following volunteers: Survey Data Upcoming Surveys The contents of these surveys may be freely redistributed with or without attribution.

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The last column is an optional percentage of completion, if the company provides one. All information is self reported, although some companies have their data independently auditted. Some companies are expecting to receive compliant hardware and software from third parties. **That information will be contained in a separate survey.**

  1 General Motors                178,174 GM

  2 Ford Motor                    153,627 F

  3 Exxon                         122,379 XON

  4 Wal-Mart Stores               119,299 WMT

  5 General Electric               90,840 GE

  6 Intl. Business Machines        78,508 IBM

  7 Chrysler                       61,147 DCX

  8 Mobil                          59,978 MOB

  9 Philip Morris                  56,114 MO

 10 AT&T                           53,261 T     91%

 11 Boeing                         45,800 BA

 12 Texaco                         45,187 TX     75%

 13 State Farm Insurance Cos.      43,957

 14 Hewlett-Packard                42,895 HWP

 15 E.I. du Pont de Nemours        41,304 DD

 16 Sears Roebuck                  41,296 S      50%

 17 Travelers Group                37,609 TAP

 18 Prudential Ins. Co. of America 37,073

 19 Chevron                        36,376CHV

 20 Procter & Gamble               35,764 PG

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