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Guys I am in quite a jam, and I need help. I am in school at Averett College in danville VA. A band in our area has started marching field shows, well, they have no money for lack of a booster program right now, so I volunteered to help as I was a Drum Major myself. THE PROBLEM: THey need me to write colorguard work! I know some stuff, but I need help with the fundamentals I only worked with guard briefly. I need like counts for the moves and ho9w to execute them. Where can I get this info. ANY HELP will be appreciated.

thanx James

-- James D. McGhee, Jr (, March 18, 1999


help with fundamentals

You say you have no money and little expirence i may be able to help you. Or at least I can try. Are you talking about basics and on what,i.e. Flags, rifles, sabres etc. and what type of music is it. I may be able to get you in touch with a great show writer. Her name is Simonie she is my colorguard captain, she wrote our winterguard show.

-- Kirsten Shulley (, March 22, 1999.

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