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Just in case you haven't been on Gary North's site today, read this. Just a little more evidence that the government isn't telling us everything (as if we didn't know).

Category: Martial_Law Date: 1999-03-18 08:11:55 Subject: An Unverified Rumor That I Have No Doubt Is True: Blocking Los Angeles Freeways Comment: If this rumor gets out, it will be officially denied.

It has to do with U.S. Marines training to close access to freeways in Los Angeles.

Why Marines? Because they are not under the 1868 Posse Commutatis law.

Why freeways? Because the outbound freeways must be kept open if the city is to be supplied in an emergency. To get empty trucks back to supply centers (wherever they are, whatever they are), the outbound lanes must be open.

Why on-ramps? Because a few men with weapons can keep freeways open if they are posted at on-ramps.

Why training? Because any program this complex must be practiced in advance. There are a lot of on-ramps in southern California.

Have I verified this rumor? No.

Do I believe it? Yes.

Why? Because they have no other choice. They have to keep the freeways open.

I do not recommending making decisions based exclusively on rumors. I do recommend examining the logic of what is being said. If it makes sense, it should be one piece of information worth considering.

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Dear Dr. North,

This weekend I was at a dinner party in [City], California, and I was discussing Y2K with a denialist acquaintance of mine. A burly young man overheard our conversation, apologized for eavesdropping, and informed us that he was a Marine stationed at [Base], California. He told my denialist acquaintance that she should take Y2K very seriously, and that in fact his Marine unit is currently receiving training to close all the freeways into and out of Los Angeles during Y2K. Of course, this is no surprise to you or me, but my friend was shocked and silenced. What was it they said in World War Two? Loose lips sink ships. Well, young Marines, a group not generally known for their subtlety or discretion, are beginning to let the story out.


-- linda (, March 18, 1999


My sister last week picked up her shotgun and there was a Navy man standing next to her picking up is shotgun. They got to talking and my sister said to him that she is picking up the same gun as him. He said that he was buying it to teach his wife and daughter how to shoot. My sister told him she was getting the shotgun because she was afraid of what was going to happen during Y2K. He said you ought to be scared because there's going to be a lot of things going on with the government and Y2K that will scare the wits out of you, and you didn't hear it from me either! My sister went home with her gun and got sick.

-- JLWalker (, March 18, 1999.

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