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Probably a lot of you 'hard core GI's' have already read this document. But for those of you who dont: this document gives a thorough view on nuclear bombs and Y2K.

I only provide you with the link to the conclusion of this report: this is already some reading material.


-- robert (, March 18, 1999



I have been reading through this stuff for the past two days. It is very interesting and illuminating as to the overall complexity of the issue for DoD and other foreign military powers.

With the magnitude of this thing it would be interesting to know what the mathemactical computations of things going wrong are. Also, with Newton's third law of motion which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, makes you wonder what the equal and opposite reaction is going to be to this HUGE action we've set in motion!

-- MS (, March 18, 1999.

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