Has anyone read this?

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"When Time magazine's cover portrays millennium nuts as deranged, crazy Christians holding a cross as it did last month ... boycott their magazine and the products it advertises."

This is taken from a speach made by Charlton Heston at Harvard Law School.

Full text here:


Warning--very conservative, if that type of thing annoys you, you probably won't want to raise your blood pressure.

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999


Link doesn't work, Deborah.

-- Vic (Roadrunner@compliant.com), March 18, 1999.

Thanks Vic, I'll try again.

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/bluesky_excomm/19990316_xex_ heston_speec.shtml

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999.

Deborah just leaned on the space bar. . . Here's the link: Heston Speech

-- Hardliner (searcher@internet.com), March 18, 1999.

Deborah, Thank you - I read it and am stunned. I didn't realize how much I agree with him - I had let the media spin make me think he was bordering on senility. The truth in his words rings through to me. This was a very moving piece for me. Kristi

-- Kristi (securx@Succeed.net), March 18, 1999.

Month after month I read the endless lies concerning the bug. I am so accustomed to it that when I am unexpectedly confronted with the truth of any kind I am both refreshed and given hope. Thanks Deborah. I have never felt the truth to be either liberal or conservative.

-- Mike Lang (webflier@erols.com), March 18, 1999.

Deborah, interesting.

Charlton Heston urges people to think and act as, wow, thinking individuals. And to respect other's individual rights. How unusual.

Got historical perspective?


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999.

This speech prompted me to join the NRA, if for no other reason to give this man a platform. I haven't heard a more cogent and philosophical speech given before a non-Ayn Rand crowd in my life, with the possible exception of a speech given [fairly] recently by Sumpreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Who, I might add, I didn't think was qualified to serve that post when he was appointed.

I always thought of Heston as more fluff than stuff. After hearing this speech, I apologize.


-- Jollyprez (jolly@prez.com), March 18, 1999.

Wow, what a speech.

Deborah, this isn't "conservative", it's free-thinking. The man has courage to tell it like it really is and take the punches for it.

I rarely read the paper or watch TV, so I have no idea who this man is. Reading his speech gave me chills. Whoever portraid him as senile in the past clearly had an agenda to shut him up.

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), March 18, 1999.

Hi All,

His speech moved me to tears.

Guys I don't think Truth is liberal or conservative either. I did not mean to offend.

I will try to explain why I said that. Chicago's Mayor Daley was one of the mayors alluded to in the speech. Chicago is a liberal town:

"Here's another example. Right now at more than one major university, Second Amendment scholars and researchers are being told to shut up about their findings or they'll lose their jobs. Why? Because their research findings would undermine big-city mayor's pending lawsuits that seek to extort hundreds of millions of dollars from firearm manufacturers."

My friends are almost all liberals. The experience I have had in my tiny corner of the world is with rabid P.C. stereotypical Gen Xers. I have been viciously attacked for the views stated so elequantly by Mr. Heston. They would mock him.

These are educated people folks. They are a diverse group. From atheist to Buhdist, you name it. They are tatooed & pierced. They have 401k's.

They have one thing in common. Rabid PCism. They think they are the most open, free individuals ever, they are so cool, so tolerant. Tolerence ends the second you step out of P.C.

It was only my limited experience I was speaking from. I have only heard 'Conservatives' say the things Mr. Heston did.

I admit other parts/people of our diverse country may be very different.

You are all very right. Truth knows no color, politic, race or creed. The Truth will set you free.

His words & your words give me hope that there are many Americans who can see what has been happening. Getting everyone to take a stand is a whole new ballgame. It's worth fighting for. (peacefully of course)

The cultural divide in our country could really complicate things if things get really crazy early next year. It's just one more variable.

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999.


You know it's bad when the basics our country was founded upon are surprising to hear stated publicly.

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999.

DEBORRRRRAHHH!!!!!!! WHY hoW WHaT!!!!! HuH????? EXcUSE Me?????? JAcKaL!!!! TRutH IS NoT RIgHT oR LEfT!!!!!! IS TruTH COnseRVATiVE?????? NIeN!!!!!!! IS trUtH LIBerAL??????? NIeN!!!!!!! TRuTh IS TruTH!!!!! LiES Are LieS!!!!!! geT YOuR HAnDS ofF OF Me yoU FILthY APEs!!!!!! HuH????? DIVISION!!!!! thAT is WHat tHE PRObleM Is!!!!!! idiOts!!!!! SCRotuMs!!!!!! LIbeRTy SOuNDs as IF libeRTaRiANs????? yeS?????? NATurLIch!!!!!

-- Dieter (questions@toask.com), March 18, 1999.

WHo WaS THaT GoofbALL?????

-- Dieter (questions@toask.com), March 18, 1999.



I think we cross posted. See post after Chris's.

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 18, 1999.


diETRe is nOt wELL, CAn yOu noT SEE thAT????? OF COuRsE!!!!! moSeS Was oF COuRSE saNE IN thIS SPEaCh!!!!! FIlTHy apEs!!!!! hanDS ofF!!!!! TayLOr SPeaKS WEll noW!!!!!! PApER airPLanE????? dieTer seeS THaT YOu arE NOT a foOL!!!!! WHy???? HoW?????? hUh???? heLLo???? DIEteR AGRees whOLe emPTy heaRTEDLy WHitH THe summARy of DEBOrahhhhhhh!!!!!!! NOva???? noVa???? PC Is tHe damNED ENemY OF FreE THOughT YEs????? JA!!!!!! goOd MORninG!!!!!

-- Dieter (questions@toask.com), March 18, 1999.

I have always been a huge fan of Mr. Heston. I have heard him speak before, and he has always represented himself as he did in this speech. You must understand that the NRA is not a stupid organization. They would not elect a senile person to be their spokesperson.

Oh, and btw, I agree with him. I try not to be PC everyday. Has it hurt my career? You bet. But when answers are needed, who do they come to? You guessed it, me. I call the shots as I see them, and deep down they respect me for that.

-- (cannot-say@this.time), March 19, 1999.


" But when answers are needed, who do they come to? You guessed it, me. I call the shots as I see them, and deep down they respect me for that."

Ain't it the truth?!

-- Deborah (infowars@yahoo.com), March 19, 1999.

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