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Hello, I have tried for a week now to check out Digital States and Assoc. but get a blank screen. Thought at first it was just temporary....I was enjoying reading his stuff, was pleased that Westergaard was allowing him to take a stance a bit different from it looks like it is all censored...well I guess they can play God if they want with their site...I will go now and email an inquiry and will update you if I get info (maybe it is just tech problems). Kristi

-- Kristi (securx@Succeed.Net), March 18, 1999



Thanks for the post about Westergaard.

Please update when you are able.

Best wishes,

-- Watchful (, March 18, 1999.

I think the link from the main page is just messed up. Porlier is still cranking out articles. Try: or check the main archives for Wed 3/17.

-- Brooks (, March 18, 1999.

Seems to be fixed now (3/19 0310 GMT). Link from the Westergaard main page to Digital States & Associations works okay.

-- No Spam Please (, March 18, 1999.

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