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The nice thing about y2k is that all the lefties are gonna die! ;) -- Leo (, March 18, 1999.

-- Norm (, March 18, 1999


I have a BIG problem with that statement, but I didn't want to say it on the other thread 'cause everyone was getting so neighborly.

In my experience, there are so many adorable "Lefty" chicks out there, that if this statement is true, I don't know what I'm gonna do! I mean, they're just so cute runnin' around with their bleedin' hearts and unshaved armpits. (I LOVE that1 It's!) They shed a tear everytime some river gets polluted or some convicted killer is given the needle. Aw, man! How can you not just love that kind of, what would you call it? Unconditionality?

But seriously, believing it's going to be "nice" that any particular group of people is going to die in a horrible way, no matter how you feel about them, is simply not human. Leo was jesting, and I don't think it really reflects the true feelings of most of the people who are concerned about Y2K...

-- lefty (lover@GI.mind), March 18, 1999.

My goodness, the NORM computer is now posting parts of other people's posts instead of posting articles, though still without any real apparent ability to demonstrate actual thinking. Maybe NORM needs re- booting?

-- King of Spain (, March 18, 1999.

It would be interesting to do a statistical "typo" study to detrmine whether my left or right fingers hit the wrong keys more suppose we could get Norm to run that in his automatic troll-posting analysis processor?

Actually, I suspect that the most frequent is "letter-switching", but it must be facing strong competion from the classic "hit the space bar before the last letter of the preceeding word" problem. However, if one considers that HTSPBTLLOTPW is only a varient of the LS problem, then he would to filter for occurances of misspelled words interspersed with a space and a letter from the previous (or next) misspelled word. Compounding the problem is the fact that certain words may be facing LS preblems in the center, and HTSPBTLLOTPW at the front and back.

It's too ocmplicated, lets solve a simple thing like Y2K first.

befoir thetypoing filue stirkes again,

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, March 18, 1999.

Troll Norm - I have yet to see anything remotely constructive from you. Your behavior has been intentionally disruptive. I still have no clue what your position is, given that you claim to be substantially prepared, yet are only posting articles and flames to discourage people from that behavior. How about trying to win over forum readers by joining in the discussion threads, developing your ideas and concerns along with the rest of us, and sharing whatever *facts* you believe support your position? The majority of active forum participants are far more moderate than you would like newbie readers to believe.

-- Brooks (, March 18, 1999.

Norm is new here and doesn't understand Leo's macabre sense of humor. Lefty does. I do. But, just as I took another poster to task for wishing the demise of a forum regular, I would have landed on my good friend Leo had I seen his statement before. (Consider yourself landed on, Leo.)

It's not funny when Milne says it. It's not funny even in an ironic sense. There probably will be entirely too much death and bloodshed even if this turns out to be a bump in the road.

Wishing evil on others, especialy around here, should not be tolerated by thoughtful compassionate TB2000 contributors. Henceforth, I intend to jump on anyone who displays delight at another's death or discomfiture...even my friends. Nuff said.


"We cannot all sit on the same side of the Council Fire. But we can all sit at the same fire." [Anon]

-- Hallyx (, March 18, 1999.

Sir (or madam)

It is interesting that you have nothing to say about someone who jokes about a certain segment of the population dying - yet attack me for pointing it out. Is this GI logic?

-- Norm (, March 18, 1999.

Norm spelled backwards is Mron.

-- King of Komedy (laf@chuckle.gag), March 18, 1999.

"Norm" sez -

"It is interesting that you have nothing to say about someone who jokes about a certain segment of the population dying..."

You obviously didn't read Hallyx's post. It was very clear.

-- Lefty (lover@GI.mind), March 18, 1999.

Even though I am not an experienced computer diagnostician, I think I may understand the problem here. Perhaps the "Norm" cut and paste automation application needs to have it's OCR (optical character recognition) realigned. Or maybe its translator is not properly tuned to English.

Perhaps King of Spain would add these requirements to his work order for calibrating the Norm (or Mron) program.


"So far, so good." ---Man falling past eighth floor window

-- Hallyx (, March 18, 1999.

So much for the intelligence of Norom. <:)=

-- Sysman (, March 18, 1999.

Norm, Norm, Norm

The last 50 years has seen much of disease, poverty and large scale war held at bay. The global herd is not being thinned in an appropriate Darwinian sense in quite some time. Y2K may allow survival of the fittest to come roaring back on the world stage in a big way.

Besides leftist weenies going to meet their makers, I look forward to the demise of bearucrats and flabby brained politicians.

We would be better off without allot of the PETA crowd-- especially those who harass the American Icons like the Wiener Mobile-- as well as stars who have nothing more to offer then perfect teeth, blue eyes and vacuous political pronouncements. The Baldwin boys had better stay away from rock piles next spring.

Im hoping the telemarketers ranks are decimated by Y2K as well as those who put all those little advertising cards in magazines.

And while we are on the subject of advertising, Ive met quite a few advertising executives and so-called creatives we would be much better off without. At least maybe they would have to dig some latrines for a while, get a bit-o-humility

We could do with a thinning of those who spout global warming as to blame for everything from nice winter weather to impotence (oops that was PETA claiming eating meat affected your, well, you know...)

It would be nice if big hair evangelists on the TeeVee would actually have to get a job in the post Y2K world. Give each one of those boys a hoe and 5 acres of taters that they better darn well be done weeding by dark if they want to eat....

Oh, and most importantly, I hope lawyers and IRS agents go the way of the dinosaur in 2000. We will take our children to the remains IRS buildings law offices and gaze on them with wonder like we stare at the Le Brea tar pits. Mommy, was there really such a thing as a 1040 form?

And Norm, if you dont develop some sense really quick, you may find yourself becoming very extinct as well. Then again, you may survive and be there to rebuild one of the shattered government agencies that know how to run our live so well and that we just cant live without.

Just my less than humble opinions folks. You are free to violently disagree if you have no medical conditions that prevent you from strenuous typing.

-- Booster C. (, March 18, 1999.


-- Watchful (, March 18, 1999.

Leo has a valid point folks. Lefties in this country have as their ideological core the belief that government is the tool to protect, provide and equalize disparities between the haves and the have nots.

The self-reliant by ideology are Conservative or Libertarian in nature. The majority of these are the ones preparing, and enjoy the acronym of GI.

The vast majority of the Left, and the asleep sap who believes that government will solve all problems and protect us from danger - will in fact DIE as Leo stated if Y2K registers more than 4 on the richter scale. These are people who look to government for every solution, and DEMAND things be done to make life easy and comfortable. These are the ones NOT preparing for Y2K and debunking those of us who are. They don't want their 401K and SUV applecart rocked.

As many, many, many threads, links and newbits on this forum over the last few weeks prove, Gov'ment is taking care of itself and not getting the public ready. They are looking at us as a potential threat to stability and power and propaganda instead of instruction is the current tool of our "Benevolent Government".

To all our peril.

-- INVAR (, March 18, 1999.

N.O.R.M.- Non-thinking Output Response Machine

-- King of Spain (, March 18, 1999.

No king, there's an actual acronym known as "Normally Occurring Radioactive Material", as in "don't worry, it's the NORM!"

-- sxw (, March 18, 1999.

Actually, INVAR, I think you're mis-characterizing much of the "Left." I think what you're describing does indeed characterize a huge swath of people in this country, but mostly the "brain-dead."

I think that much (not all) of the "Left" would be better characterized as people who believe involvement in grass-roots and voluntary organizations is the way to get things done. (Of course some of that involvement includes lobbying the government, but don't tell me the "Right" doesn't do that also) I wouldn't describe Greenpeace, for example, as a group "...who believes that government will solve all problems and protect us from danger..." I've known Greenpeaceniks who've gotten shot at and almost sunk. (of course, they may be more libertarian, but are perceived as being "Left") Other "Lefty" groups like the Sierra Club raise private money to buy land for conservation, as an example.

Anyway, the point is that I think Left vs. Right debates are pretty useless. Both "sides" have their strengths and their flaws. It's really those brain-deads who are going to be a problem...

-- pshannon (, March 18, 1999.

King of Spain - very funny.

-- humpty (, March 18, 1999.

Heck, I thought Leo was joking about folks who are left-handed, though I couldn't imagine what was so sinister about Y2K, in that sense.

Hey, Norm, ever confront anyone about a bumper sticker? Say, the one that says, "I kill hunters for fun and sport!" Always thought that one was particularly clever and sensitive (and did my best to change lanes, lest that driver demonstrate equal stupidity with regard to rules of the road)...

-- Mac (, March 18, 1999.

NORM stands for Non-existant Organic Rational Matter

-- Chris (, March 18, 1999.

INVAR: Intellectually Naive Verulant Attacker without Reason

oooh....this is fun

-- Chris (, March 18, 1999.

MAC: Male Actually Competent

Hey!...why's everyone looking at me like this?

-- Chris (, March 18, 1999.

One of the nicer features enjoyed by REAL usenet forums like csy2k is that wonderful "ignore" function called the "Killfile." It allows one to vanish offensive chain-jerkers from one's personal list.

Failing that I guess I'll have to deal with Booster C manually.



"So many idiots, so few comets."---Harlanquin

-- Hallyx (, March 18, 1999.

Hallyx, I sure enjoy your bottomless pit of quotations. Makes my day, often. Ah, simple pleasures,...

"... The common curse of mankind,--folly and ignorance." William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

-- Donna Barthuley (, March 18, 1999.

NORmAN!!!!!! noRmaN!!!!! HEeD YoUR motHeR NorMaN!!!!!! HAvE YoU BEeN ARoUND thoSE DIrTY GIrLs latELy NOrmAn??????whAt Has YoUR MOtHER TOLd YoU ABOUt giRLs normAn??????? do yOu lisTEn tO me noRMAN????????? DIRtY, FILthy giRLs!!!!!!

nORmAN!!!!! norMaN!!!!!! CaN YoU HEaR mE norMaN?????? yoU musT FORgIVE leO AnD HIS FOoLIShNEss!!!!!! HE IS a siLLy yoUNg puP OF 18, anD HASN'T haD ENouGH timE TO DEVelop MAtuRE FEeLinGs yet!!!!!



-- Dieter (, March 18, 1999.

Here's one tree hugging, posy sniffing, bunny petting, organic gardening, composting, recycling, somewhat left of center gal that will be around to annoy all the hard core right wing ideologs that erroneously assume that their beliefs and intellects are superior to those of us that think or believe differently. Not all of us "lefties" are stupid, blind, dependant or weak. I believe that it shows a certain laziness of reason or logic to correlate belief systems with character traits. We all know right wing ideology and characters that could be broadly stereotyped and then mocked, (hell, the press does this quite often) but this is counterproductive behaviour that I don't plan on engaging in. We all come to the table with something to say and points of views to be considered based upon our experiences.

As a GI in a DGI world it appalls me that those of you that are thought of as kooks by your families, freinds, co-workers for preparing for Y2K, would then denigrate another person for their very different political or sociological points of view. While I realize that the initial quote may have been in jest, I believe that there is far too much of "my way or the highway" thinking in both this world and occasionally on this list. Go pshannon you got a lot of it right.

-- Ramp Rat (Aviation_R_us@noname.nocity), March 18, 1999.

Norm, note following Leo's post ;) This is an emoticon. It is winking and smiling. GET IT NORM? He's making a joke. HUMOR NORM? GET IT? I knew you wouldn't!!!!! You never do.

-- none (none@none.none), March 18, 1999.

Left/right. Many (most?) of us "leftists" cut our political teeth on OPPOSING this U.S. government, not relying on it. We surrounded the White House, some charged the Justice Dept. steps, many were faced with armed National Guard troops. Four were killed at Kent State, others were imprisoned or hunted for years. Trust government? NBL.

We also know that Clintons (even Carters) are pre-selected then elected to put liberals back to sleep so no more leftists are bred in re-plays of years like 1969.

(Any pres. that remotely strays outside the elite formulas gets the "Donald Sutherland speech" from Stone's "JFK" -- about how easy it is for a President to die if he crosses the powers.)

As for welcoming anyone's demise from y2k or anything: Have you met anyone who escaped from Cambodia's Killing Fields? Taken enough time with them to get them past their traumatized shyness. And then they can hardly stop talking. About barefoot escapes by night, miles of fearful hiding, relatives afraid to take them in, bodies laying where they fell by the pathways.

We probably won't ever meet any of the Africans who've most recently survived such a holocaust, will we?

No -- you don't want to see mass death in your lifetime. Stick with HBO for your amusement.

Assholes abound, in all political and religious fanaticisms. Hitler was not elected, and was seen as a political freak for most of his pre-Chancellor career. Lets not welcome fanaticisms of any sort. I'd say talking about anyone's death is a pretty good indicator.

-- jor-el (, March 21, 1999.

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