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I AM BACK!! They couldn't keep me in jail forever because the food in there SUCKS completely you know that?? They have these horrible cheese things that are not good enough to feed to a DOG or even a TERMITE!!!!

So one day I decided to ESCAPE and here I am!!! I bashed one of those commie guards over the head (I knew he was a commie cause he didn't drink DUFF) and stole his hat and unbashed it and put his uniform on and walked right up to the gates and said "Let me out you motherfuckers!" and they pressed the button and BUZZ I was out!!!

I got to tell you all something real cool and that is this realisation that I had just a few hours ago when I was on the can: the milenium bug is going to KILL all the Commies!!!!

Yessir red is gonna mean dead when the bug comes munching along and eating them up and spitting their filthy guts out onto the floor for those carniverous rabbits to eat!!! Y2K is going to be so good!! no more reds!!

Yeha!!!! see you round


-- Jerry (jj@jj.jj), March 18, 1999


Jerry, Good to see you're back. Everyone was getting bored. Stay sober Jerry, this post is probably your best yet.Best wishes, KoFE

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), March 18, 1999.

nO wAy Man iT Is LiKe THe DrUgs aRe noT aVaiLablE hErE iN jAil sO yOu gOttA USe ThEm wHEN TheY ComE Out!!!

-- jerry (jj@jj.jj), March 18, 1999.

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