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I am currently paying my way thru school. Next quarter's classes will be @$850. I am spending money on preps and wonder if I should postpone school until after next year to see what happens, instead of spending money now to take classes, spring, summer and winter? I am also scared that if I continue paying for these classes, I won't have the extra $$ that might be needed when the new year comes...... I had quit my full-time job last year to go to school full-time. Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

-- shivermetimbers (, March 18, 1999


Good on you for paying your own way thru school rather than letting someone else pay for you.

Personally, I'd think about increasing your money supply. Get a job. Better yet, do the following:

We all know the market is going to crash. Get a loan of, say, $2000. Put some of the money towards preparations. Use the rest to buy shorts or put options. When the market falls, you're going to make a lot of money on those investments, enough to pay off the loan. If the stock market crashes out of existence and thus can't PAY you -because the Wall Street floor is on fire and looters are rummaging through the offices- then the banks will also be out of condition.

Foreknowledge that the market will take a massive nose-dive is a very valuable thing.

-- Leo (, March 18, 1999.

Take care of yourself before you even think of tossing money at the crapshoot that is the market.

In the end you'll have to make up your own mind. What you do will be determined by how badly you think Y2K will effect you. A lot of people realize that they can go a long way on just water, some very inexpensive rice and beans, a few cans of stuff, some lights (oil, candles, etc.) and a warm place to sleep. I mean if you think it will be a 3 day affair, you don't really need anything, although a couple of gallons of water would be nice. If you think 6 months -- different story.

Food can always be eaten. If you have a supply of food and things turn out to be a speed bump then you can much your way through school.

You have options. The first is to just ratchet your other spending down as low as it will go and buy what you can. If you're going to sit out, do it now. Buy your supplies, and then go back to school. You can work more during the quarter you're off, bring in enough for the following quarter and buy your supplies.

You can buy a lot of food for only a little money right now. Rice and beans are cheap......and plentiful. A 3 month diet of such would see you through (not gourmet, but at least you don't starve). Water is cheap. If you're like my sons at that age, you drink soda, and so do your friends. Collect old 2 adn 3 liter bottles and fill them with water. Enough bleach to keep them costs next to nothing. Candles, matches, TP......heck, the TP is the most expesive thing on the list.

Your decision. This isn't a good time to be taking long shots on the market, though.

-- De (, March 18, 1999.

I would be concerned about taking any advice from this forum particularly seriously. The Kook/Competent ratio is awfully high.

-- Helen Wheels (helen@****.com), March 18, 1999.

I totally disagree with that last post. I have gotten a lot of very good advice here on a wide variety of issues.

-- John Wilson (, March 18, 1999.

Just wanted to say thanks to those who responded.

Leo: I'm apprehensive about the stock market as I have absolutely no knowledge or experience in it. The only shorts I buy are the kind you wear in the summer!

De: Your advise sounded very reasonable. Thanx! I believe this will be much more than a bump in the road, with disruptions and shortages occuring for many months after 1/1/2000. I really hate to postpone school, but my gut feeling says to use my money more wisely right now - for preps - and pick up school later. Real Bummer!!!!! Big, big bummer!!!!!!!

-- shivermetimbers (, March 19, 1999.

Oh! I forgot....

Title of thread should be "School Tuition-Need Some Opinions" not "opions." I'm so embarrassed.....!

-- shivermetimbers (, March 19, 1999.

Don't be embarrassed. You're in school, learning to spell ;)

-- Leo (, March 19, 1999.

your issue is relevant to me, as my husband, daughter, and future son-in-law are all taking classes. my husband and i planned everything last year. i gave him june of 99 as a dropdead date to finish his associate's degree parttime. he has taken 2 classes per quarter at night while working fulltime. he got stafford loans, so we can save some money for food. i want him done by june because the college is not compliant, not even working on it, and i want him to have his degree and official transcript in his hands by the fall.

in order to finish by june, he has had to take a number of credits by exam, offered by the college. in addition, he will take 1 course by CLEP exam. i strongly suggest you get the official CLEP study guide and spend your time and money wisely by going the CLEP route. you can do it at home, on your own time. you can also take online classes, which will still require work, but you can do them at home also, while working. but i recommend you take as many CLEP exams as possible first.

-- jocelyne slough (, March 19, 1999.

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