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I'm affiliated with a company that is marketing Y2K software. I am told that it will test pc's as well as mainframes and I can market it to companies. Coke is one of the companies that have purchaed the software. I would like to hear feedback on the issue of Y2K "fixes" w/o the necessity of programmers. I am a novice and want to be informed before I maket the software. You can check it out for yourself with no obligation. This isn't a sales pitch. This is a genuine request for feedback. Click on products and you will see y2k software. Again, I want to be a responsible person instead of an opportunist. I would appreciate any feedback.

-- Linda Grant (, March 17, 1999


Linda -

The Millennium Bug 2000 Fix, eh? Hope those folks out in Provo have had some success with selling this product; maybe they'll use some of the proceeds to help the Utah Dept. of Education remediate all those systems on which they delayed working for so long...

Looks like an MLM version of most of the COTS "Y2K Fixer" products I've seen in the PC Warehouse catalog or on the shelf at the local computer store. Tests RTC and BIOS, evaluates your apps, etc. Saw it referenced on about a dozen other "network marketing" sites, as well...

Note: it doesn't do anything about mainframes. Do you have any idea what a mainframe is, Linda? Ever seen one? They mostly live in refrigerated rooms and occasionally eat tapes or otherwise "hiccup", just to keep the night staff on their toes. They also would probably fall over laughing (thus getting the night staff all excited again) if you tried to run something like The Millennium Bug 2000 Fix on one of them...

I do hope the MLM world has been good to you and that you and your husband have been prudent with your funds. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

-- Mac (, March 17, 1999.


I agree with Mac, might be as good as any other in the PC arena, but I'm not a specialist in that area. Definitely not a fix for mainframs though, no way, never. The spiel doesn't claim it to be one.

Didn't like the little Internet Explorer message box that popped up though, are you sure this isn't a sales pitch, sure looks like one!


-- Ron Davis (, March 17, 1999.

in looking at the website, the software appears to be the one from australia which also sells for around $150. anyway, the australian software is indeed good, my spies tell me. but you can get the same thing cheaper thru intelliquis or eurosoft. check out intelliquis's fix2000 at, or see eurosoft's fix at theirs is about one-third of the price.

there are 2 claims on the mpi site, mutually exclusive. top of page, "the most comprehensive...tester/fixer" and further down, "the only...tester/fixer that fixes the y2k bug". so which is it, the only, or the most comprehensive? either claim is a load of corn on its own, but together, they're ridiculous. there are other fish in the sea.

-- jocelyne slough (, March 19, 1999.

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