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The light meter on my old Konica TC has become erratic. I read somewhere in a old camera repair manual that if you open the top cover of the camera and flood the light meter contacts with lighter fluid you will frequently get the meter back into shape.

The book also indicated that the cover comes of "easily" in the standard manner. However it doesn't describe precisely how that is accomplished.

This is not my only Konica cameras and it simply isn't worth the cost of a major overhaul repair.

Can anyone provide details on how to remove the TC cover and find the contact to be cleaned?


-- Anonymous, March 17, 1999



Greg Weber, the Konica repair guru, told me that the reason that the meter becomes erratic on the TC and T4 bodies is due to the method that Konica chose to provide electrical ground. A return spring also functions as the ground. After a period of time the connection oxidizes and the meter becomes erratic. Flooding with lighter fliud might help (can't hurt, although you may flush some lubrication away), the permanent repair is to solder the spring onto it's holder. I've also been told that frequent use may improve the situation.

It's been a while since I had my T4 apart, but here goes from memory.

1: remove the film rewind knob. Hold it from turning by putting a screw driver in the slot (in the film compartment) while turning the knob counter-clockwise.

2: remove the two screws that are located on the plastic cover below the front end of the prism.

3: remove the film advance lever. You'll need a special tool to turn the disc with the two holes.

4: I'm not certain if the shutter speed dial has to come off, but if it does, you'll use the same tool as in step 3.

I can't remember if there are any more, but remove any other screws that look like they obviously hold the cover down. I'm pretty sure that the cover will pop off at this point.

The meter is located on the left side of the body, between and below the rewind knob and the prism.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

Erratic Konica TC meter

I just saw your posting. You may have fixed your camera by now but if you haven't tackled the repair yet, you might try something relatively simple first. Your problem may be due to poor contact with your batteries which can cause a fluctuating voltage to your meter. Clean off your batteries with a rubber eraser and clean of the contacts in the battery compartment (I think I used a Q tip wetted with rubbing alcohol). My Konica T4 started giving erratic readings awhile back and Greg Weber suggested I try this before sending it to him for an overhaul. It took care of the problem for me and was a quick and easy fix!


-- Anonymous, May 15, 1999

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