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Music Education: Does It Improve Students Scores in Other Core Subject Areas?

Music has always been considered a frill in education. It is one of the first subject areas to be cut when schools have to make cutbacks because of a budget crunch. This usually happens because music education is not considered one of the core subject areas. When an administrator says it time to get back to the basics in education, they are not including music. With recent research, though, it has been demonstrated that music plays a vital role in a childs education. The latest studies show that music helps students score higher in other core subject areas. Math is the subject area that seems to be affected the most.

Therefore, does music education improve students scores in other core subject areas? If so, when should students be introduced to music?

I want to come up with research so parents, school board members, and administrators can understand why music is important in childrens lives. Being a music teacher myself, I know that music is important for children, but find it hard to convince others without hard numbers. But, if I could add some statistical data that shows students scores are higher in other subjects because of music, I believe my argument would be better understood. At a time when student enrollment is decreasing, many school boards are having to cut back on curriculum because of the shortage of funds. It would be a travesty to make music one of those cuts, when the data shows such powerful evidence that music should be an integral part of every childs education.

In the last five years, a major push has been made to keep music as a part of the standard curriculum. There are several published articles in music educators journals that deal with this subject. The MENC Web site also has many articles online dealing with this same matter because music is always at risk for being cut. I was at a brain workshop in January, where the presenter, Dr. David Sousa, explained that preliminary research demonstrates that music does stimulate the brain to improve learning. The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell is also a great resource for the affects music has on a childs learning.

I will research numerous journals from the ERIC database that have the statistical data I am looking for. I also plan to read Dr. Sousas book on recent brain research. His book does have a section devoted to the importance of music in brain development. A music professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris also has a collection of articles that he has saved discussing why music is so important, which he allows students to borrow. I believe I will have a nice resource base to work from with the articles and books I will have acquired throughout my research.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 1999


Hi Paul, Sounds like you have a very good topic for your research project and your findings will hopefully support the continuation of the music offerings in I Falls. I just have a question or two to clarify your direction in which you are moving - could you be more specific in identifying your grade level(s) and core subjects and use the format suggested in developing your full ten page proposal? Thank you, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 21, 1999

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